Everyone wants to earn extra income regardless of their current job or status. One way to do that is to become freelancer on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. Another is to do micro jobs, which are quite similar and offer extra income.

When it comes to earning extra income by doing micro jobs, Remotasks is a good option. It makes sense for students and part-time or full-time workers.

Remotasks is one of the top websites to find remote jobs, but there are other options you can use. In this article, we’ve handpicked the best sites like Remotasks to find micro-jobs. Whether you’re looking for simple micro tasks with a nice pay rate, these platforms cover you.

Best Sites Like Remotasks To Find Micro Jobs

What has made these platforms recommended is that they offer all types of jobs with convenience. Let’s take a look at remotasks alternatives:

1. Appen

AppenOne of the best platforms that’ll let you earn per hour by performing simple tasks is Appen. It is an excellent alternative to Remotasks with different categories of micro-jobs for everyone.

Appen features micro tasks like data collection, language translation, content evaluation, etc. Also, it allows users to get paid easily; you can receive your payments via PayPal and other payment options.

In addition to swift payments, tasks on Appen can earn workers at least $15/hour. Lastly, the interface is very friendly, making it easy to browse jobs.

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2. Clickworker

ClickworkerClickworker is a platform that focuses on micro-tasks, offering different opportunities for users. When it comes to earning extra bucks from home or your workplace, Clickworker makes sense.

Besides, it partners with a lot of companies, which makes it easy to find micro-jobs. You will love Clickworker due to its flexibility, and it doesn’t offer complicated tasks.

Clickworker also has a mobile app, making it convenient for on-the-go task completion. The pay rate ranges from a couple of cents to several pounds and dollars.

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3. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical TurkNext on the list is Amazon Mechanical Turk. It is a popular crowdsourcing marketplace that takes a simple approach to ensuring users can access a wide range of tasks. It has earned a reputation as an alternative to Remotasks.

There’s always something for everyone on Amazon MTurk; you’ll find short and long-term projects. Moreover, the convenient payment method is one reason most users like Amazon MTurk.

This platform offers a swift payment option packed with plenty of microtasks. It offers payment via Amazon Gift Card, which can be redeemed easily online.

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4. Lionbridge

LionbridgeNothing feels better than doing simple tasks and getting paid in real-time. One of the best ways to achieve that is by using Lionbridge. It’s an excellent choice for anyone with different skills.

Lionbridge makes sense for performing micro tasks and a single task could fetch you at least $20. Another reason why you’ll like Lionbridge is the friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate.

Furthermore, users can subscribe to newsletters that’ll send email notifications when there’s a new task. Whether you’re into language skills or content evaluation, Lionbridge is one of the best sites like Remotasks.

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5. iSoftStone

iSoftStoneWorking from home has been simplified thanks to iSoftStone. If you’re looking for a website like Remotasks to earn some bucks with your skills. You’re looking at a highly recommended crowdsourcing platform.

With iSoftStone, you can take micro jobs relating to data entry, web development and a lot more. Besides, there’s always a constant update for new tasks on the platform.

The frequent update ensures that there’s always a task to apply for. Lastly, iSoftStone often collaborates with international clients. Making it suitable for those looking for global micro job projects.

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6. Microworkers

MicroworkersMicroworkers is a micro job marketplace that offers a wide range of tasks. It’s a platform that connects workers with employers seeking small-scale tasks completed quickly. Regardless of your skills, Microworkers ensures you’ll find a job.

One unique feature is the website’s efficiency. It enables workers to find and complete tasks with ease. As a Remotasks alternative, Microwokers pays users once tasks are completed.

If you’re looking for a straightforward platform connecting you with employers seeking microtasks. With a registered account on Microworkers, you’ll find micro jobs with good payment.

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7. Zeerk

ZeerkZeerk offers micro tasks for users of all kinds, making it one of the top sites like Remotasks. To anyone looking for a way to earn money while doing side jobs remotely, Zeerk is a recommended platform.

The system on Zeerk is quite simple. You’ll need to offer your services and skills in exchange for payment. Whether you’re good at translation, proofreading, or analysis, Zeerk is a good place to trade skills.

Getting paid after completing a job on Zeerk doesn’t come with any delays. There’s also a rating system on the platform, which allows clients to know which profile is best suited for the task.

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8. Fancy Hands

Fancy HandsFancy Hands is home to many micro tasks based in the US; it is perfect for students and anyone looking for side jobs. Job types on Fancy Hands range from virtual assistant to internet research, etc.

The pay rates offered per task aren’t all bad because users can do more than 5 tasks a day. If you want to put your skills into getting paid online, Fancy Hands is one of the best sites like Remotasks to use.

Your options are not limited when choosing an alternative to Remotasks. One of the popular platforms that has been serving users well is Fancy Hands. It is convenient, pays faster and offers new job listings.

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Now that you’ve seen the best sites like Remotasks to find micro jobs online, it is up to you to decide which one meets your preferences. One thing for sure is that each platform will let you apply for as many micro jobs as you want. And when it comes to getting your money, they offer quick payment methods.


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