Upwork has significantly expanded the market over the past several years to become what it is today it is one of the biggest freelance platforms on the planet. Due to Upwork’s extraordinary success, other new platforms for freelance work are also starting to emerge in addition to well-established and well-known ones.

However, freelancers or freelance clients might not limit their usage to Upwork or any single platform as it might restrict their productivity. Moreover, when several alternatives are available in the market, using them is viable.

If you don’t know about such alternatives, refer to our list below. We have mentioned all the best Upwork Alternatives. Most of them work similarly to it, while others offer some extra features.

1. Freelancer

One of the biggest freelance marketplaces out there is Freelancer.com, which claims to connect over 54 million freelancers and clients worldwide. It’s one of the most competitive platforms. So, your bid must stand out to beat other freelancers for a job.

FreelancerLike Upwork’s Connects, Freelancer charges independent contractors “Bids” to submit job applications to reduce competition. Additionally, clients may get in touch with you based on your profile.

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2. PeoplePerHour

Since its launch in 2015, PeoplePerHour, a global freelance marketplace with headquarters in the UK, has connected over a million independent contractors with clients. If you’re looking for alternatives to Upwork, PeoplePerHour will be a good option.

PeoplePerHourWriting, web development, translation, graphic design, and other professions are the top employment categories. Commission costs vary depending on earnings, ranging from 20% to 3.5%; the more you make, the smaller your fee.

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3. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the largest freelance platforms. It is often mentioned as the best alternative to Upwork. The primary similarity is that both websites offer a quick and easy way for clients and freelancers to connect and collaborate within one platform.

Fiverr Beginner GuideFiverr deducts 20% of freelancers’ earnings for fees, but the rate is fixed as it does not increase or decrease as you earn more. The most common services Fiverr offer are writing, voiceovers, digital marketing, and graphic design. 

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4. SolidGigs

SolidGigs offers independent contractors a decent platform to connect with new clients. It emphasizes employment in local communities. Thanks to its extensive job directory, freelancers can locate jobs in nearly 1,000 categories.

SolidGigsFreelancers can sign up and browse through their large lists without paying anything, but each work lead costs a minimum of $1.50. Even though you are responsible for paying for leads, SolidGigs provides reimbursements if a lead doesn’t respond to you within 48 hours.

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5. FreeUp

FreeUp is a premium platform that is more compact than other freelance websites like Upwork. It wants to match the best clients with the best freelancers quickly. Work is available in various industries, including copywriting, Amazon services, eCommerce, and translation.

FreeUpThe excellent customer service they offer is one advantage of the platform. However, you must be approved to use their platform. The approval process includes an application, an interview, and a final test.

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6. Guru

Guru is a freelancer networking site with a simple and structured interface. It distinguishes itself from other Upwork by enabling freelancers to look for jobs across many industries.

GuruFreelancers have access to various categories. Some categories include law, marketing, design, and many others. Finding the category that fits you best can be done fast by filtering your options.

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7. CloudPeeps

This site might be an excellent option if you’re seeking a freelancing “community, marketplace, and platform” all rolled into one. They primarily cater to independent contractors specialized in web design, marketing, and other fields for hourly, fixed, or occasional jobs.

CloudPeepsBefore beginning your job search as a freelancer, you must apply and be accepted. Additionally, their standard membership package costs $9 per month and lets you send proposals to clients.

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8. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is different from other Upwork alternatives in many respects. This is because it provides a variety of freelancers but concentrates on developing specialties. Additionally, its pool of freelancers offers a variety of costs, shifting to the lower end.

Hubstaff TalentOverall, Hubstaff Talent will work for people with modest budgets who need staff. If you want an experience better than Upwork or Fiverr but lack the funds to hire Guru freelancers, look at this Upwork option.

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