Mercy HealthCare Organization is a healthcare service provider in Michigan. It is a non-profit organization providing healthcare services to patients. Mercy HealthCare Organization has a portal called Mercy Smart Square.

This portal helps employees manage their tasks, make entries in the book, communicate with other employees, access their payslips, take and plan leave, access records, check attendance, and much more. 

Every employee is given the login credentials to log in to the Smart Square Mercy portal. When you join the organization, you are given the login credentials of your employer. If you do not know how to access this portal, this article will help you. This article will discuss how you can log in to the Smart Square Mercy portal. 

Requirements to Smart Square Mercy Email Login

You need to have the following things before logging into the Smart Square Mercy portal-

  1. You must have your login credentials, i.e., your Network ID and Password. 
  2. A device with a browser; can be a mobile, tablet, or laptop. 
  3. A good internet connection to access the portal. 

Steps to Login to Smart Square Mercy Email

Given below are the steps to log in to the Smart Square Mercy portal-

  1. Click on this link to head to the Smart Square Mercy portal. 
  2. Here, click on Continue to SmartSquare button at the bottom.Continue to SmartSquare
  3. You will be asked to enter your Network ID and Password on the next pageAfter you have entered, and then click on the Sign in button.Sign in button
  4. Once you do so, you will have access to the Smart Square Mercy portal. 

Reset Smart Square Mercy Portal Password

Well, there is no way to reset the Smart Square Mercy Portal by yourself. If you want to reset your Smart Square Mercy password, then you can do so by contacting their customer service through the following ways-

  1. Mercy Service Center: 1.866.440.3399
  2. MyMercy / Non-Medical: 1.888.986.3729

Final Words

That’s how you can log in to the Smart Square Mercy portal. We have also discussed how you can reset the portal password. We hope this article helps you with everything you have been looking for. 


1. What is the Smart Square Mercy Portal?

It is a portal developed for the employees of Mercy HealthCare Organization. This is for the employees to access the system. The employees can access the portal using the login credentials provided when joining the organization. 

2. How do I Contact Smart Square Mercy Customer Support?

You can contact Smart Square Mercy customer support by calling on their phone number- 1.866.440.3399

3. What are the Benefits of the Smart Square Mercy Portal?

There are various benefits of the Smart Square Mercy Portal. You can use it to manage your work schedules, access patients’ records, interact with the employees, access the payslip, take breaks, checking your attendance. It is also a secure way of accessing the records and preventing unauthorized access. 


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