Soap2Day, a popular torrent site, shut its shop mid-last month without mentioning a proper reason; it is now revealed to be due to a lawsuit.

Citing the concerned documents, TorrentFreak stated that several entertainment companies had obtained an injunction order again Soap2Day, and a Norwich Order to find the identity of the site’s operator. This eventually led the concerned team to shut down Soap2Day last month.

Cause of Soap2Day’s Demise

Soap2Day is one of the mainstream torrent sites that garnered tens of millions in monthly traffic and has been the go-to site for many torrent lovers for a decade. While many competitors are being taken down, Soap2Day stayed afloat with solid infrastructure, clean UI and great content.

But all these came to an end in mid-last month when the operators of Soap2Day announced shutting down the site without mentioning any reason! Back then, there was no news about raids on Soap2Day’s infrastructure or the team, so the shutdown was not immediately attributed to legal action.

But now, critical documents cited by TorrentFreak reveal the site’s demise due to a class action from big entertainment companies, started in May this year. The plaintiff class included Bell Media, Netflix, Disney, Columbia, Universal, Warner, Paramount, Get Er Done Productions and Spinner Productions, who launched legal action against Soap2Day in the Federal Court in Canada in late May.

They noted the defending parties as Soap2Day and its presumed operator as ‘John Doe’. And citing their copyright complaints, the court has passed an injunction order to shut down the site and the disclosure orders for intermediaries – like the hosting providers to share any identifiable information about Soap2Day’s operators.

The plaintiffs claimed to have emailed the concerned documents to Soap2Day admins, their domain registrar, and their hosting providers on June 12th, which triggered the team to take down the site the next day. Though the court documents also asked the defendants to file their response by June 29th, nothing has happened.