Android 10 has finally landed in the market; it is startling to note some of its unique features. One of the new features that this upgrade brought is the ability to seek media from the notification itself. This feature though was prevalent and could be seen with Google’s apps, Play Music and YouTube Music, but it was not there in Spotify.

Therefore certainly this is welcomed by one and all throughout the market. This is good news for all you music lovers out there who do not want to begin a song right from the start but wants to listen from the time you had left it.

Android Progress Bar in Android 10
Android Progress Bar in Android 10

During the last few months, we saw the onset of Android betas in the store. Though Spotify did add the progress bar to its notification, it was not functional. One could quickly pinpoint the time when he plays a particular song making it very simple for anyone peg the operatics section in Queen’s oh-so-popular Bohemian Rhapsody.

Spotify New Feature is Set To Make User Experience Better

A screenshot has been doing the rounds, and it is appropriately visible that you can pull down the notification menu and move your finger across the seekable bar. This will ultimately enable you to jump straight to the specific part of a song that you want to listen again because you didn’t listen to it earlier because of work or other issues. Everyone is delighted as now they can keep timestamps for their favourites songs such as songs from BTS, old rock, pop, soul and more.

Anyone who has the new Android 10 installed on your smartphone will be able to partake of this particular feature – the seekable progress bar in Spotify. However, as this is launched newly, one needs to see the customer experience and reviews to know whether the launch has been a successful one.


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