Valve has updated its Steam clients with new fonts, toolbar, and UI to suit to make your experience a lot better than the current versions.

In a blog post detailed today, Valve notes rebuilding the clients on a new framework that helps deploy the new feature simultaneously to all clients. Also, Value has enabled hardware acceleration on Mac and Linux clients to give users a smoother experience.

Steam’s New Features and Framework

Ever since the launch of Steam Deck, Valve has been caring less about the desktop client. As it’s due for a significant overhaul, Valve this week announced a new update to revamp the UI of all its Steam clients.

As noted in a new blog post, Valve brought a new framework to deploy new features to all its Steam clients at once – with the first update overhauling the fonts, menus, and even the notification system. The in-game overlay, too, has been redesigned to include new tools, with a new notes app adding up this time.

Players can note important details during their gameplay in the Notes app and access it from any other Steam client since it’s hosted on the cloud – and syncs across the devices. This notes tool can also be pinned on the in-game screen for quicker access.

Valve is revamping the client notifications to show only the recent and relevant ones while asking users to click through to see a full historical view. The company has also updated other minor sections of the platform, including the dialogue text, new fonts and tweaked colours.

Finally, Valve added support for hardware acceleration in Mac and Linux clients, letting players have a smoother experience during their gaming. This can be enabled in the Steam client in Settings. The new Steam app is now downloadable, with full patch notes added here.