Sticky Notes was a handy and efficient utility in Windows 10/8/7. It allowed Windows users to note down every important detail about their life and made note-taking an easy task. In sticky notes, they could also write their daily ‘to-do list’ and important dates which they didn’t want to forget. This free tool was a way to be more organized for Windows users.

Though, after a major update in the system, the sticky note’s feature disappeared from Windows 10. Being it one of the best features of Windows, its disappearance affected many users. But in the latest update of Windows, sticky notes have emerged again. ‘A pen support’ feature has come to light with this update.

However, those who want to try some other note-taking alternatives would like to shift to other apps. So below, we compiled a list of similar apps, likes sticky notes.

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List of Best Sticky Notes Alternatives for Windows 10 that Actually Work

Here comes the need to look for Sticky Notes Alternatives. Because one can’t go without taking notes and jotting down their tasks, these Sticky Notes Alternatives are available for almost every platform, including Windows. They have a modern interface, most of them are free, and they come with features like password protection and online syncing.

1. Microsoft Sticky Notes

Microsoft Sticky Notes

An understated contestant in the list of feature-rich note apps, Windows’ Sticky Notes comes with cross-device syncing with basic text formatting options. However, unlike the original Sticky Notes app, this one does not stay on top of other applications.

When signed in, all the notes are saved and backed up in the Cloud. Users can then access their notes on other devices by signing in from the same account. To find the note, one needs to type the intended keyword into the search at the top of the notes list. Sticky Notes’ color can be customized, too, handy for those who want to highlight specific texts.


2. Stickies

StickiesStickies allows you to place colored notes on your Mac desktop. Through stickies, you can format the text using different fonts and font sizes and even include graphics. With the help of stickies, lists can be created, procedures to complete a task can be made. You get a full set of editing tools. Besides, to be able to close a sticky note, you can also shrink it.

Above all, you can make your notes translucent and fix them while using a program. Stickies take very little space on your desktop, and you can move them around according to your convenience. Stickies are best to use if you want to complete a big task like editing a video and you need to follow some specific steps.


3. Google Keep

Google KeepGoogle Keep is a free note-taking, list-creating task manager from Google, and it’s completely free. Five different tools are available to users for taking notes; Text, List, Draw, Audio and Image. It has a special feature of collaborating with your partners.

Google keep with everything you would want. It is the best tool to help you stay on track. It’s an easy app to capture quick notes, ideas, and all the things that bounce around in your head every day.


4. NoteZilla

NoteZillaInstantly type what’s on your mind in this sticky note app. You can add your tasks, appointments, or any other information. Right-click on the top area of a note to access the note menu. It lets you insert a title, add a reminder alarm, and attach a sticky note to documents and websites.

You can also insert pictures, tag them and send the notes to other computers or people. Notes are saved automatically, so there’s no need to protect them manually. The pin icon always keeps the sticky note on the top of other program windows. The sticky notes can be rolled up or down by clicking on the roll-up icon.


5. Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky NotesIt lets you easily create reminders and neatly organize them on your desktop. You can change the note color and size and use various fonts. You can set the alarm to get a note reminder.

Adjust each note’s transparency, stick the note to be always on top, and more. Hide or display all notes on your desktop from the system tray icon. Like stickies, it also has the feature to make your notes translucent to see through the sticky note.


6. StickyPad

StickyPadSticky Pad is just like any other sticky note application, but it is best for older computers that didn’t come with a built-in note-taking feature. It has all the features of a great note-taking app. To set reminders and typing notes is super easy through this app.

It is a super convenient app and really reliable. The utilities like creating reminders and setting appointments are easy through this app.


7. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook

Power-users who want more from note-taking apps may want to consider Zoho Notebook. It enables text note-taking and comes with text cards, taking photos and recording videos & audio, and features like adding PDFs and Word documents, amongst others.

It also allows creating multi-paged notebooks, much like physical notebooks, to neatly organize their notes. These notebooks can further be customized with high-quality covers.

Zoho also claims that the notes can be shared securely with friends and peers for working collaboratively without worrying about losing data as it is simultaneously back-up to the Cloud across devices. What’s more interesting is that privacy-focused users can lock the app and keep their confidential information secure.



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