It is high time for Fortnite players to be alert about this ransomware going by the name Syrk ransomware. This ransomware is available in the form of a hack tool and it forces users to pay money later. A group of researchers from a security firm named Cyren identified this hacking tool for the first time.

This ransomware fools the people with the name of a cheat sheet. It is pretty common for the Fortnite users to use these hack tools in order to earn more coins and weapons. This is the reason why Syrk is using this as a disguise to get the things done.

Syrk Ransomware Disguised as Hack Tool
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The ransomware attacks and encrypts all the files present in the device of the user. Then the user will have some time to arrange the ransom so that he or she can recover all the data present on their device. If they don’t receive the ransom, the data will be deleted one by one on the device.

Do Not Worry, You can Escape this Ransomware Attack

Yes, it is possible for you to escape this ransomware attack. We are giving you a simple guide that you can follow. The malware present in Syrk ransomware is the key for decrypting the infected machine. You can create a PowerShell with the decryption key and use it get your files back.

The key for decryption is dh35s3h8d69s3b1k.exe. First, extract the embed file dh35s3h8d69s3b1k.exe and start executing it in the infected machine. It will give you the required PowerShell script that you need to decrypt all the files present in your system.

This process will take some time but it will help you in decrypting the files. Nonetheless, it is better if the Fortnite users are a bit careful about the hack tools of the game that they are using.


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