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Indian Cryptocurrency Investors Are Panic Selling Citing a Proposed Crypto-Ban Bill

Bitcoin Reaches an All-Time-High Trading Price of $32,800

Bitcoin, one of the most resounding names in the last month, is now making a roar. The virtual currency, which the community calls digital...
PayPal is Making its Own Cryptocurrency, Will be Backed by a US Dollar

PayPal Purchased More Than 70% of Fresh Bitcoins Mined Last Month

A monthly report from Pantera Capital says that PayPal alone has bought more than 70% of all the freshly minted Bitcoins last month. This...
PayPal is Making its Own Cryptocurrency, Will be Backed by a US Dollar

PayPal to Let Users Pay With Their Cryptocurrencies Soon

PayPal today entered the cryptocurrency space eventually. It's has partnered with Paxos, a cryptocurrency company to support cryptocurrency transactions via its platform. While Paxos...
Ryuk Ransomware is Estimated to Have Earned Over $150 Million in Ransom

REvil Ransomware Group is Hiring Hackers, Deposits $1 Million as Trust

As per a tip given to BleepingComputer, REvil (Sodinokibi) ransomware developers are hiring new affiliate hackers to distribute their ransomware. The group has asked...
Dark Web Bitcoin Mixer Slashed With a Fine 0f $60 Million

Tor Network Connections Hijacked For Stealing Bitcoins

As per reports from a security researcher, about 25% of Tor's exit relays were controlled by a hacking group, who're trying to steal Bitcoins...
Biggest Twitter Hack

Twitter Hack: Three Individuals Charged For a Fake Bitcoin Campaign

The US Department of Justice has today charged three persons in relation to Twitter's high-profile accounts hack that happened last month. Two of the...
Wappalyzer Data Breach

Wappalyzer Data Breach Exposed 16,000 Customer’s Email Addresses

Wappalyzer, a technographic database company that collects kinds of technology stacks a company uses, has suffered a breach in January this year. But the...
US Seized $34 Million Worth Cryptocurrency From Dark Web

Larry Harmon Laundered $300 Million Worth of Bitcoins in Darknet, Gets Arrested

A darknet money launderer, Larry Harmon was indicted and arrested by US DoJ earlier this week. He was convicted with crimes of running a...
Mexican Oil Company is Under Bitcoin Ransomware Attack

Mexican Oil Company is Under Bitcoin Ransomware Attack

A Mexican oil company was under attack by ransomware that stopped administrative tasks on 11th November. The company came to know about the attack...

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