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PhotoGuard: A New MIT Tool to Stop Unauthorised Image Manipulations

With techniques like watermarking partially preventing unauthorised image manipulations, an MIT researcher has invented a tool called "PhotoGuard" - that will prevent the AI...
Bing Chat is Now Available in Windows 11 Taskbar Search

Microsoft Adds Bing Chat to Chrome and Safari Browsers

After having a successful campaign with its native browser, Microsoft is rolling out Bing Chat to Google Chrome and Apple Safari browser this week. Available...
Google Assistant Can Now Answer Questions About Pride Month

Google Assistant Can Now ‘Summerize’ a Web Page Content

Google is adding a Generative AI touch to its voice assistant on Android, letting people read or hear a summarised version of a web...
OpenAI Formed a Dedicated Team to Make a 'Superintelligent AI'

OpenAI Formed a Dedicated Team to Make a ‘Superintelligent AI’

OpenAI has formed a dedicated team to work on a superintelligent AI - a superior form of the current models we're seeing and is...
Google Asks its Employees to Improve Bard's Accuracy

Google Modified its Privacy Policy to Use Public Data For Training Bard

Over the weekend, Google updated its privacy policy to let users know that it'll use any of their publicly available data to train its...

YouTube is Making New AI Tools For Content Creators

Neal Mohan, the new CEO of YouTube, has just revealed his plans for the platform in 2023 - which includes the company leveraging AI...
Meta Faces a Class-Action Lawsuit Over Privacy Violation in the US

Meta is Making AI Personas for Instagram and Facebook

Venturing into the path of Google and Microsoft, Meta today announced a revamped focus on Generative AI - by creating a new experience for...