Neal Mohan, the new CEO of YouTube, has just revealed his plans for the platform in 2023 – which includes the company leveraging AI in some form for new features.

While he didn’t specifically mention what’s in cooking, he let us expect some new creator tools for making virtual outfits or changing backdrops in the future. Applauding the platform’s support for inclusiveness, he said YouTube is in no rush to make AI tools and would give the team needed time to prepare well before launching them.

New YouTube Tools For Creators

A couple of weeks after Susan Wojcicki stepped down as the CEO, the new filler Neal Mohan has some big announcements to make for the future of YouTube. Addressing the YouTube community today, Mohan cited a bunch of features coming this year, leveraging AI.

While he didn’t detail them, he gave us a couple of examples, like new creator tools for changing backgrounds or wearing virtual outfits in a video. These may be powered by Generative AI to be more interesting. After all, every tech giant is scrambling to integrate Generative AI into their products in some form, triggered by the popularity of ChatGPT.

Others include new tools for Shorts to record those side-by-side with traditional YouTube videos, while the platform is also stepping into the Podcast game. We’ve been hearing about this a lot lately, so YouTube may finally introduce them this year.

But unlike Google Bard, YouTube is in no rush to formalize these tools soon. Mohan said he’d give the working teams enough time to ensure they have the right approach. After all, AI has a lot of copyright and privacy issues since it’s based on large datasets scraped from the internet.

So it makes sense to carefully implement this in their platform. Finally, he appreciated how well YouTube is supporting inclusiveness, like the new multi-language audio support and improved captioning.


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