3D printing is an advanced technology with many applications in real life. From making fun collectible items to making helpful things, 3D printing is used in many areas. 

Getting a powerful rig and setting up a 3D printing workflow can be very expensive. However, it will only be worth it if you use 3D printing frequently and have useful designs and models to print. That is why there are many 3D printing design services online for occasional and frequent users who want to print their 3D designs.

Thingiverse is easily one of the internet’s most popular 3D printing model websites. However, the site has one major problem. Because of its popularity, there is a long waiting time for users to get their needs fulfilled, which negatively impacts the user experience. Also, you can’t get things quickly when you need them urgently. 

Luckily, there are many great Thingiverse alternatives available on the internet. These are excellent 3D printing model sites that offer a seamless experience. Below, you will find a list of the best Thingiverse options available. 

Best Thingverse Alternatives

1. MyMiniFactory 

If you want some of the best 3D designs, MyMiniFactory is one of the best options. With slow and steady growth since 2013, the platform has become a goldmine for unique 3D designs. You can find over 60K printable designs on this platform, free and paid. 

MyMiniFactory The platform has a rigorous vetting method to ensure that only the best designs are uploaded and that printing errors are almost nonexistent. In 2018, the platform opened an online store for designers, which is an excellent way for people to earn from their designs. 

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2. Astroprint 

Astroprint is one of the most popular 3D printing websites; it is right there with Thingiverse in terms of popularity. The site is perfect for beginners as it features many designs in different categories with many fun applications. Be it some functional model or something just for fun, you will find a design for everything on the site. 

Astroprint The site has a 14-day refund policy for printables that aren’t compatible with your printer. With a seamless user interface and many designs organized into different categories, it is relatively easy to find something good on this site. You should check it out. 

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3. Cults

Another quite popular 3D printing design site is Cults, and it is an excellent Thingiverse alternative. It was founded in 2014 and is one of the fastest-growing 3D model communities on the internet. This site has over 800,000 members and has received many updates since its establishment. 

CultsA dedicated blog helps users learn all about 3D printing. The user interface is seamless and has some of the best high-quality images. You can find unique collections like IKEA hacks, Lego parts, GoPro, or drone accessories. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check it out. 

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4. CGTrader

GCTrader is a massive platform aimed at professional users. If you are a professional or into advanced 3D models, this is the site that you should check out. The only thing to know is that this site has 3D models that are not directly intended for general 3D printing. 

CGTraderStill, you will find a wide range of 3D models that can be used for 3D printing. Most of the designs on the site are paid for and range from 2 to 500 USD. But they are made by professional designers; the quality you will get is unmatched. 

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5. Pinshape

PinshapeIf you are looking for a fun and accessible site for finding 3D models and designs, Pinshape can be an excellent option. This is an open-source market for sharing designs where users and designers can interact seamlessly. You do not need to own a 3D printer to use this site, so even enthusiasts can check it out

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6. YouMagine 

If you want to start new projects, then YouMagine is a place to search for 3D printing models. It is a site where you can organize your designs in a collection. The site is remarkable as it allows you to create 3D and CAD files easily. 

YouMagine With over 17,000 free designs, you can choose the best ones for your collection. The site is suitable for people with creative minds. You should check it out. 

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7. 3DExport

3D Export has been a direct competitor to Thingiverse for a while. Hence, it is only natural to consider it one of the best Thingiverse alternatives. The platform features an extensive collection of designs and community members. 

3DExportIf you want to learn about 3D printing from scratch, this is one of the best platforms. The site is seamless and easy to use. 

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8. GrabCAD

GrabCADNext up on the list is GrabCAD, which is popular because of its seamless interface. This site is accessible to people from all areas, including designers, shop operators, and engineers. 

The site isn’t very good for beginners, but if you are professionals who want to work with companies on a 3D project, this is the platform. 

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