If you are into 3d modeling or a hobbyist who likes to design and print 3D props, MyMiniFactory must be your first choice. The 3D model database has some of the finest 3D designs of every possible thing under the sun.

However, the site is not the only of its kind, as several other repositories have an active community of 3D model designers. Moreover, all the stuff in MyMiniFactory is not always free, so keeping an alternative site handy becomes necessary.

We have created a list of some such alternatives to MyMiniFactory that will provide you with many free and premium 3D models as well as help you to create your own models. You can also sell your designs by joining the community of these sites.

List of Best MiniFactory Alternatives 

  • Thingiverse
  • Cults
  • YouMagine 
  • 3D Export
  • CGTrader
  • Pinshape
  • Thangs
  • Fab365

1. Thingiverse

It is a repository similar to MyMiniFactory that contains works from several 3D artists. Thingiverse is a popular site for finding 3D models for printing purposes. One can find the most basic model to models with several complexities on the site.

The best part of Thingiverse is that users don’t need an account to use the repository. However, signing up for the site unlocks some extra features that might be helpful to use. A separate section on the site will give first-time users a complete tour of the platform.

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2. Cults

This is a comparatively new platform for the 3D printing community, but it has gained huge popularity quickly. Thanks to its premium 3D models, it is an out-of-the-box option. Cults was developed and run by 3 people since its introduction.

The platform has both free and paid 3D models. Moreover, you can also use it to sell your own 3D models. The community also holds frequent contests where you can participate and win amazing prizes.

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3. YouMagine

If you are new to 3D Modelling and want to engage with a community for guidance, then YouMagine is a fantastic option. YouMagine mainly focuses on projects based on electronics and programming. However, you will also find other types of models in it.

The platform is well segregated into sections based on different levels of skill. In addition, you will find instructions on how to build a model from scratch. All over, it is a worthy option on our list.

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4. 3D Export

3D Export Is an extensive database of 3D models that curates more than 3 million creations. One can find design templates, presentations, automobile models, etc., on it. Most interior decorators use 3D Export to design furniture, room decor, and other appliances.

The user interface of 3D Export is straightforward to use. This makes it suitable for both professional and novice users. Moreover, the platform has almost everything free to use, unlike other 3D repositories.

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5. CGTrader

It is a 3D database that has been in use since 2011. The platform was founded by Marius Kalytis and was dedicated to novice 3D designers. This is the reason users can still access it to download their desired 3D models free of cost.

Besides downloading free 3D models, you can also use CG Trader to sell your own creations online. The active community serves as a medium to provide and buy your products. The developer’s team provides all necessary guidance in case of any uncertainties.

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6. Pinshape

This is another alternative for MyMyMiniFactory for printing 3D models of automobiles, props, etc. Pinshape provides impressive 3D models and lets you sell your 3D designs to prospective buyers. There is a preview option in Pinshape that enables you to take a look at the result before printing.

The user interface of Pinshape is easy to use and provides the required guidance to newbies. Most of the designs on the platform are free to use except for exclusive items. You can also order a creator to design a model for you.

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7. Thangs

Thangs Is an artist hub with millions of artistic assets to offer its users. You will find 2D and 3D designs on the site available for download or print. The interface is well segregated into different sections to make it easy to find required models.

There is an active community that regularly adds their works on Thangs. This means you will get a wide variety of 3Dmodels on it. In addition, you can also join the artist community to upload your work.

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8. Fab365

It is an easy-to-use platform to get fantastic 3D models for printing purposes. Moreover, all items on Fab365 are available at fair prices. You will also find some free stuff up on the 3D library. Several independent 3D models available on the site can be used to create a Complex model.

The platform provides every possible tool to create a new model from scratch. The image rendering time on Fab365 is also low. All these best-in-class features make Fab365 a worthy alternative to MyMyMiniFactory.

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