There are a lot of online shopping sites that have catered to every individual needs, from grocery shopping to home appliances and even clothes. There’s one for each, but what about online stores for tech enthusiasts?

Well, that was what ThinkGeek was known for before it closed its services in 2019. It was a store for computer enthusiasts to buy unique and nerdy products. From gadgets to apparel and more, ThinkGeek offered all.

However, many users have been left seeking alternatives since ThinkGeek shut down. That’s why we’ve made this article just for you; as you read from this post, you’ll find similar sites like ThinkGeek.

Best Sites Like ThinkGeek and Alternatives

If you’re looking for the perfect ThinkGeek alternative to explore gadgets and unique products. From the list of shopping websites below, you’ll surely find the perfect one for your preference.


With ThinkGeek gone, you have nothing to worry about because is here to stay. Moreover, this is one of the most popular shopping platforms offering affordable, unique items.

If you want to explore tech gadgets from a similar website like ThinkGeek, is a go-to platform. Besides, you’re not just limited to buying nerdy stuff on this platform. You’ll surely love it because there’s always something to shop for.

One of the reasons why you’ll love is that it offers quality and affordable products. In addition, users can get up to 50% discounts and swift delivery on purchases.

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2. ParamountZone

Next on the list is ParamountZone, a known place for gadgets and gifts. As of 2017, it was recognized as the best place for computer enthusiasts. Ever since ThinkGeek left the internet, ParamountZone has made things easy.

When looking for unique products and the latest gadgets, you can always trust ParamountZone. Furthermore, the online store is known to offer affordable items and also few discounts.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gifts or gadgets for yourself or someone you love, a quick tour around ParamountZone will help you find the perfect product to conclude your search.

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3. FireBox

We’ve seen many sites like ThinkGeek, but FireBox stands out due to its uniqueness. This store caters to users’ needs by offering a wide selection of affordable gifts and gadgets.

If you appreciate the unconventional side of geek culture, then you should bookmark FireBox on your web browser. One of the reasons you’ll prefer FireBox is the level at which it gives users discounts.

Also, FireBox has made itself a hub for all sorts of items. Firebox has everything, whether you’re looking for entertaining kitchen gadgets or peculiar home decor. Lastly, the website has a friendly interface, making it easy to navigate.

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4. Gadgets and Gear

Gadgets and Gear stand out as the perfect ThinkGeek alternative you’d want to consider. From the name, you’ll surely know what to expect when you navigate on it.

They offer a wide range of tech gadgets, from quirky and fun items to practical and innovative tools. It’s the perfect place to explore if you love tech and cool gizmos.

Another thing to keep in mind is that buying from Gadgets and Gear isn’t stressful. Find what you want, add it to your cart, and order without any hassles.

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5. Scientific Online

One of the best websites like ThinkGeek is Scientific Online, perfect for finding science resources. You’re looking at a website dedicated to scientific equipment like telescopes.

Scientific Online isn’t just a normal online store with many products. All items sold there are strictly for scientific purposes only and they come with an affordable price tag.

If you want to explore your inner geek with the right equipment, Scientific Online is where you can get equipment from.

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6. Geek Armory

Undoubtedly one of the best when considering an alternative to ThinkGeek. Without any long explanations, you’ll surely know what Geek Armory offers from its name.

Well, Geek Armory offers different types of products that are related to tech. Everything comes with a geek label and they add a unique identification to all products. From apparel and accessories to gadgets.

You will find them all on Geek Armory, which offers video games, customized t-shirts, toys, and much more. If you’re curious about prices, there’s nothing to worry about because everything is affordable on Geek Armory.

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7. The Geeky Store

Like Geek Armory, The Geeky Store is another top-rated site like ThinkGeek. If you’ve always admired techy products and need a good place to buy one, The Geeky Store isn’t bad.

The type of products sold on The Geeky Store has earned it a reputation over the years. With this online store, there’s no need to worry about ThinkGeek because it offers the same services and, even better,

The Geeky Store ensures that your money isn’t wasted; it offers quality always. Lastly, you’ll find it easy to buy computers, electronic gadgets and interesting products.

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8. NeatoShop

NeatoShop also offers excellent service when it comes to products that illustrate technology. This is a store where you’ll find customized t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, etc.

Thanks to a friendly interface, the website’s content is easy to find. Many exclusive items are available on NeatoShop, making it a recommended alternative to ThinkGeek.

When looking for a ThinkGeek alternative where shopping for tech stuff is made easy. Without any doubt, you should make NeatoShop your main store. Lastly, this online store guarantees you to find quality and affordable products.

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9. BoxLunch

Along with a physical store, BoxLunch has an online presence as well. It lets you buy bags, accessories, toys, kids, home goods, collectibles, and other products under one roof. Moreover, BoxLunch also has a huge collection of licensed and non-licensed merchandise.

Interestingly, BoxLunch offers a meal from a local food bank when you spend only $10. So if you’re fed up with ThinkGeek, it’s time to try interesting BoxLunch. Even the website offers discounts more often, so don’t miss your favorite things at cheap prices.

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10. Sharper Image

ThinkGeek closed down long ago, and many contemporary sites are also gone. However, Sharper Image stands firmly on its objective from 2010. The website offers a wide range of products.

The website offers everything from electronics, home appliances, lifestyle, personal care, travel, and toys to gift products. Above all, Sharper Image also provides attractive offers, promo codes, and discounts.

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In conclusion, these are the known ThinkGeek alternatives for shopping all tech-related products. Each store offers affordable and unique products that meet your preferences. One of the reasons why they’ve become popular is because you’ll always get the latest products to buy.


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