Less than a week after starting, Meta’s new Threads platform hits 100 million sign-ups! That’s quite a record, beating ChatGPT’s growth to the same mark in two months.

Well, Threads’ popularity is mainly driven by Instagram’s integration and Meta’s efforts to get famous figures on the platform almost immediately. Though it’s got 100 million sign-ups, it doesn’t reflect on how well the people are active on the platform, which is even more critical.

Meteoric Rise of Meta Threads 

Observing how unstable Twitter got after Elon Musk’s takeover, Meta rushed to make a similar platform for all the migrating users. In this pursuit, the company developed Threads, a new social media that got Twitter’s UI and Instagram’s aesthetics.

And in just five days, Threads gained 100 million users – notes Quiver Quantative, tracking Threads account numbers shown on Instagram pages. Everyone who joined Threads with their Instagram credentials will have a number badge in the profile description depicting when they joined.

And on early Monday, this count crossed the 100 million sign-up marker. The rise has been staggering since the beginning, though, with Threads hitting 30 million sign-ups within 24 hours of release and growing to 50 million just hours later and to 70 million within two days.

These statistics beat the current record of ChatGPT, which hit the 100 million mark in two months! Well, a lot of factors favoured the Threads to proliferate. One among them is Instagram integration, which made the signup easy and quick. Users must install the app (or access the website) and sign-up with their existing Instagram credentials.

Further, Meta courting famous figures to be on the platform worked well, as many celebrities and sportspersons joined the new platform immediately. Though it’s growing well, it shouldn’t be confused with the active user count, which is much more important than the account sign-ups.

As we don’t have any insight into how engaged they are yet, we don’t find much value in Threads’ sharp growth, but we believe this to be phenomenal, considering Meta’s backing.