Following a grand launch earlier this month, Meta’s Threads is getting its first update for the iOS app – adding a host of new features to better the experience.

Some include post translations, a new Follows tab, the ability to see your Instagram followers list and UI tweaks to smooth the experience. All these are available in the Threads iOS app and are activated via a server-side update. So don’t worry if you don’t see them already.

Threads App New Features

Meta Threads, the text-focused social platform targeting Twitter, has just received its first event update this week. The new update is passed only to the Threads iOS app, which adds the following.

First up is the addition of a ‘Follows‘ tab to the activity feed, which makes it easier for you to see who just followed you, and also lets you follow them back. Similarly, you can open your Instagram follower list to see if you’re missing anyone.

Further, the Threads iOS app gets translation support for post text, making it understandable what people of unfamiliar languages speak. Also, you can now get notifications from unfollowed users if you subscribe to them. This makes your timeline less crowded but keeps you informed of needed people.

Lastly, there are a few basic interface tweaks to let you tap on the repost labels, and the app should feel leaner and smoother now. These changes will appear in the Threads iOS app through a server-side update this week. Details on when they’d come to the Android counterpart are unknown.

Meta is in a rush to make new features available to Threads, as the new app declines in user interest after an initial spike. The platform has attained 100+ million users in less than a week of launch but cannot keep up with the hopes.

It still missed essential features like a chronological feed, direct messages or hashtags. Also, users can remove their Threads account without deleting their respective Instagram accounts, which seems like a big drawback. Hopefully, all these will be worked out soon.