Social Media application TikTok is in the middle of another controversy as the United States Navy bans it from departmentally-issued phones. They fear that the application is a threat to cybersecurity. Naval authorities stated in their bulletin that the app’s user license agreements had several fallacies, and they need to be resolved. Unless the app is not declared safe from Naval cybersecurity experts, officials are warned against using it.

US Navy will ban officials from their highly-secure intranet servers if their departmentally-issued phones still contained TikTok. They are taking this threat very seriously and are looking to stop it at all costs. The extent and significance of the danger imposed by TikTok are still unknown, but the US Government has given a supposed nod to the entire idea.

US Government Also Keeping A Stern Watch On TikTok

The Government has been keeping a close watch on social media applications and their data gathering techniques. It had recently placed a temporary ban on TikTok from its servers in the previous months and are investigating on possibilities of a malware-attack through TikTok apps.

TikTok Banned From US Navy Mobile Phones
Image by Pexels

Last month, Tiktok went under Intelligence agency scanners as it was accused of stealing private user data and sharing it with Chinese Intelligence agencies. Now, this seems very pertinent to believe, but looking at TikTok’s history with other nations, the threat seems real.

TikTok’s popularity with the US youth is enormous and is getting immense following worldwide as well. Recently the application decided to invest a billion-dollar sum into its US markets to boost the application’s expansion.

However, looking at the security threats and scares, Tiktok’s flight won’t take off so soon. With the recent political upsurge in the nation, the government authorities are keeping a close watch on these applications, and it’s users, who may look to exploit opportunities to gain political vendetta through these apps.


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