Popular social media application, well known for its short vine making, has been charged with leaking information to Chinese intelligence Agencies. The legal authorities received a legal lawsuit against the company in California, claiming that the application’s privacy policies are exploitative by nature and bent on accessing the private information of its users. This, sources claim, is shared with Chinese agencies who use it to build their database on US citizens.

The application recently crossed 1 million downloads across the globe. Such is its popularity that safety messages flashes become necessary for people to overusing the application. It has taken the social media world by storm as people can record their original videos from their phones, add special effects, and upload it on Tiktok. Also, the Tiktok users can see others’ videos as well, and they are shareable on Facebook and Whatsapp as well.

Government Taking String Action Against Company Policies: Sources

TikTok in Crisis for Leaking Data to the Chinese Agencies
TikTok in Crisis for Leaking Data to the Chinese Agencies

The US Government is taking stern steps against the application and its policies. Therefore, it has already initiated stringent inquiries about the application’s outreach, trying to cut off its database. However, the company manages to escape every time through legal means. The allegations against the application are very severe.

The lawsuits claim that Tiktok gathers biometrics and passwords of other applications, even after the application ends. Now, it stores the user’s email address, IP address, biometrics, retinal data (if face scanner is unlocked), and other personal pictures stored on online clouds.

Once the user permits the application to access the phone gallery, it gathers all photographs and videos and saves it in private domains, accessible to unwanted people. These people may incriminate these videos and images and use them for criminal purposes. The lawsuit pursues, shutting down the application in the US and a penalty for violating customer privacy.


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