Another company is entering into the already overcrowded music streaming service. Tiktok’s Parent company ByteDance is planning to launch a free music streaming service in India. According to the sources, the company has held discussions with the music labels and is all set to launch the music app by the end of this quarter.

ByteDance is Focusing on Expanding Their Business in Music World

This app will have two types of services- free and premium. The free service will have ads and the premium will provide interruption-free music for the users. This isn’t the first time ByteDance is involving with the music industry, the company is already working with so many music labels across the world.

TikTok's Parent Company ByteDance is Planning to Launch Music Streaming Service in India
TikTok’s Parent Company ByteDance is Planning to Launch Music Streaming Service in India

It gets a license from the music labels and uses the music on its popular app “TikTok.” ByteDance has been focusing on various platforms other than Tiktok. At the start of this year they launched Doushan app for video chatting, this week another app named Feiliao came into the market from ByteDance.

The company is in talks with Times Music and T Series for rights. ByteDance apps in India have more than 300 million active followers per month. This has inspired the company to launch its own music streaming app in India.

Nearly 150 million people in India listen to music online and only a small portion of they pay. This is the main reason why even apps like Spotify offers free service in the country.

ByteDance music streaming app is going to put a spotlight on the company after the TikTok ban feud. The company is taking every step with extreme caution.

Source – TechCrunch


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