It has been reported that the Chinese guards are installing secret spyware on every tourist’s phone who is entering the country through Xinjiang. This is a text stealing malware which will copy the text messages, contacts and other details from the visitor’s mobile to the Chinese server.

An Act To Curb Muslim Terrorism In The Country

New York Times has associated with some well-known media groups to conduct this investigation. According to it, this spyware is installed in order to scan any kind of Islamic activity on the mobiles. The malware name is Fengcai or BXAQ and security guards are installing it in tourists mobiles.

China ! Border Security is Installing Spyware
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They physically take the phone and install this spyware and scan all the documents present on the device to check the presence of any Islamic extremist content.

China senior researcher for Human Rights, Maya Wang said that this spyware proves how pervasive mass surveillance is in Xinjiang. The Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang face similar surveillance on a daily basis. Every foreigner who crosses this border is under the radar and will be spied until he/she is here.

According to a post in Guardian, every foreigner who enters this border should get their phone screened. The tourists are not happy with this checking and spying. The authorities don’t even inform or warn them when there is such strict surveillance.

This has irked so many people around the world but there is nothing anyone can do about it. Human Rights officer Maya Wang and some other people are still fighting to get the people off this kind of surveillance. But as of now all of their efforts are going down the drain.

The government and officials in China are keeping a close eye on the tourists.


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