The Internet is prominent, with an estimated four and a half billion people on social media sites. There are many people on the internet, and chances are you can find anyone you want.

Now and then, we see some strangers on the road and wish we knew how to contact them via any social media channel. Well, platforms like True People Search work as a data aggregator website to an online profile for people. 

True People Search is one of the most comprehensive tools for doing background checks or finding someone’s internet profile. However, many great True People Search alternatives are available.

These data aggregator sites can help you connect with old people just by a few keywords. So they are quite good to use. That is why this guide will find some of the best True People Search alternatives available in the market. 

1. FastPeopleSearch

If you live in the US, FastSearchPeople is easily among the best True People Search alternatives. It is a geo-restricted website that only works in the US region. The site is like True People Search regarding data aggregation and features. 

FastPeopleSearchYou can use the site to find people, phone numbers, and addresses; it is free to use. The interface of the website is relatively clean. If someone calls you with an unknown number, you can run a quick backtrace to see who it belongs to. So make sure to use this platform.  

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2. Whitepages

Whitepages is easily one of the market’s most famous online data aggregator websites. The platform has over 30 million users, which makes it highly reliable. On this platform, you can find anyone’s details, including their ​​name, address, phone number, and age. 

WhitepagesSuppose you want to dive a little deeper. In that case, you can also get details like a person’s criminal, lien, traffic, financial records, career information, property details, professional licenses, and fraud ratings.

Overall, this is one of the best sites for running a background check on someone. Since it is a global website, you can find records of more people than True People Search. 

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3. Anywho

AnywhoIf you want to learn about local businesses, Anywho is a perfect True People Search alternative. You can also search for people here by their first and last name and select a city and state. 

One of the remarkable features of the site is that it is pretty fast at searching and giving all the essential information. So make sure to check it out.  

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4. BeenVerified

This platform was created around 2007 and is an excellent tool for running a background check on someone. One of the platform’s best features is that it only contains publicly available information. You can use it to quickly access public record information and run a background check. 

BeenVerifiedIt is an excellent alternative to True Search People, as it has a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. You can access many records by name, phone number, email, home address, or VIN, so make sure to check it out. 

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5. US Search

US SearchUS Search is the perfect platform for you if you work in the legal field or need some background on someone for an official proceeding. This site contains countless US records. 

This platform allows you to find a person’s social network, financial information, and work history. Overall, the site is quite simple to use and provides comprehensive information. 

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6. Intelius

InteliusNext up is Intelius, which is famous for its safety features. The site is easily one of the safest ones on the Internet. Every search uses 256-bit AES encryption, and they keep everything confidential. 

Like True Search People, you can find people on Intelius using their names, phone numbers, and addresses. Moreover, the site is entirely free to use. So don’t miss this one. 

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7. Search People FREE

Search People FREEWhile most of the True People Search alternatives and True People Search itself require a name, address, or phone number to find someone, Search People FREE goes the extra distance and allows you to find a person using email. This is great as email is relatively easy to get, and you can use it to do a background check on someone. 

You can get the primary search results or do a full background check and get data like a person’s criminal records, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc. The website is also available in Spanish; it has bilingual support. 

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8. Yellowbook

YellowbookYellowbook is a bit different than any other sites on the list. It is a bit different from True Search People as well. The site not only helps you find people, but it can also help you find businesses. 

You must enter one or two keywords, and the site will display many local options. So make sure that you check out this site. 

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