A website running a legal fund to support the political allies of former President Donald Trump was defaced this week in a move against the site’s motive.

The unknown hacker asks the website visitors to stop funding Trump’s allies and instead directs them to support liberal organisations. As of writing this, the website remains defaced, with no response from the fund’s organisers.

Hacks to Cut Off Legal Funds

Years after losing his presidential position, Donald Trump and his allies are still in legal trouble. As they continue to fight on various counts, a high-level group of Trump’s team has set up a website to raise funds for such legal battles – called the Patriot Legal Defense Fund.

Well, the fund is to aid only Trump’s political allies and staffers and not Trump or his family. Since connected to Trump on various occasions, these allies and staffers are currently mired in numerous ongoing legal investigations and are hard on court-related costs.

While the Patriot Legal Defence Fund is a helping hand, an unknown hacker has breached the website this week and defaced it to blame Donald Trump. Trump’s political catchphrase – “Make America Great Again”, is changed to “America Is Already Great” and noted as below;

“Donald Trump is in trouble with the law in Georgia. This is the fourth time something like this has happened. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but if someone keeps getting into trouble, we should think about what that means about someones character.”

Asking the visitors to stop supporting Trump’s fraudulent fund, the hacker directs the people to fund ACLU and other liberal organisations. Further, the hacker also pasted a hyperlink to a YouTube video about the January 6th hearings.