Typhoon Labs IPTV was one of the most popular IPTV services, with over 1,200 channels and uncountable movies and TV Shows. This includes services by all major streaming services, including BBC, Netflix, and Disney.

At a price of less than $15 per month, it is a steal. Rather, Netflix itself is more expensive than Typhoon Labs IPTV. You can also get the 48-hour trial option if you are a new user.

What Happened to Typhoon Labs?

Before proceeding with the discussion further, it should be noted that the only genuine URL for Typhoon Labs TV is typhoonlabs.tv or typhoonlabs.net. Other URLs are fake and promote scams. When you try to reach their official URLs, you can get a message: “This site can’t be reached.”

Typhoon Labs IPTV Not Working

The original URL for Typhoon TV is down, and we can check this in the screenshot below. When a user comments on Typhoon TV, the reply is as follows:

What Happened to Typhoon Labs?

This is a confirmation that Typhoon TV has been shut down forever. It is not coming back. Given this situation, you can consider shifting to other Typhoon Labs Alternatives.

Best Typhoon Labs Alternatives

While I doubt Typhoon Labs IPTV will be erased forever in the near future, you can always consider safer URLs. The 3 best Typhoon Labs IPTV alternatives are as follows:

1. PlutoTV

Pluto TVPluto TV is a free online streaming platform. It has more than 250 channels to offer. It is in the form of a website and an Android app. While Pluto TV doesn’t have the appeal of Typhoon Labs TV, it is free of cost. Even more, while it has location restrictions, the URL has been stable for long.

2. YouTube TV

YouTube TVIf you are tired of free or cheap options, which are probably illegal, you can try YouTube TV. YouTube TV allows you to watch almost any American TV channel from anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t give you access to free movies, but you might get access to TV shows. It is free for a month, then $53 per month for 3 months. Lastly, it becomes $73 per month.

3. FuboTV

FuboTVFubo TV is a legal and popular online streaming service in the USA. While it is expensive at $75 a month, this is worth the fee. The reason is that, unlike Typhoon Labs TV, Fubo TV is perfectly legal. However, the channels are still limited in comparison to Typhoon TV.


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