Everybody doesn’t want to pay for music streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Prime Music, or any such service. Though some services like Spotify allow streaming music for free, you will be interrupted by ads in between; truthfully, nobody wants to hear ads while listening to music. Because of this reason, people often look for music sites so that they can download music on their devices and stream it.  

There are various sites you can find online through which you can download music offline or stream them online without any ads. So what are the best unblocked music sites that you can go for? Read ahead to know more. 

Best Unblocked Music Sites

There are numerous unblocked music sites online, though some have been blocked for music piracy. You will find plenty of them online. Here’s a list of some of the best and most genuine unblocked music sites you can use-

1. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is one of the most popular music sites from where you can download music on your device. You will find the music of almost all the singers and artists on it.

GroovesharkYou can search for music on the site and get numerous search results related to the keyword you are searching for. You can download the music from the search result. Not only this, but you can also stream the music online if you don’t want to download it. 

There’s more to it; Grooveshark allows you to create your playlist, but you will have to create a free account on Grooveshark and sign into it. Moreover, you can also listen to your favorite channels on the radio.

2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is another popular music streaming site that you can go for. It is a music streaming for the artists by the artist. You will find many music tracks on the platform. You can also go for trending playlists on the platform.

SoundCloudIf you are a creator, you can also upload your tracks on SoundCloud, get discovered in the community, and get paid for your music. 

The platform is free and you can listen to music without paying any cost on the site. You can download SoundCloud on various platforms, including iOS, Android, Sonos, Chromecast, and Xbox One. You can also use SoundCloud on the browser. 

3. LiveOne

LiveOne, earlier known as Slacker, is an online radio streaming platform. There are more than 200 radio stations on the platform. Apart from that, it has a wide music database of all genres.

LiveOneYou can search for music with song names, artists, or with the album name. You can also listen to radio stations on the platform. LiveOne is a free-to-use website. You can visit the website on your phone, PC, or tablet browser and listen to music for free.

4. BlueBeat

Another best unblocked music streaming site that you can go for is BlueBeat. This site has a large collection of music from all genres from various artists. You can stream music for free on BlueBeat.

BlueBeatYou can search for all the trending music on BlueBeat and stream them. You can also stream music from the playlists that your friends share. You can also create your own playlist on the platform and listen to 3D songs. 


MP3SKULLS is a very old and popular site that allows you to download music for free. However, you must sign in to your account first to download music from the site. You can find almost every song MP3SKULLS be it any genre.

MP3SKULLSYou can listen to music before you download them on your device. Not only this, but you can download MP4 files on the sites to get videos of the music you are searching for. 

6. MP3Juices

If you want unblocked music sites to download free music, you can go for MP3Juices. The site is very convenient to use. You can search for the music you want to download and you will get the related search result. You can then play the music directly on the site and download it. 

MP3JuicesYou can search music by its name of it, the artist/singer’s name, or by the album name. Also, if you have heard the music on a TV show or movie and don’t know its name, then you can type in the movie or the web series name and search for it; you will get the search results related to it. 

7. Pandora

Another great unblock music sites that you can find on the internet is Pandora. However, this site is available for people living in the USA. Pandora or the music on the radio allows users to create their station per their preference. Moreover, you can also listen to stations that are already available on Pandora. 

PandoraThere are various songs that you will find on the site. Searching for music is also easy; you can search for music with the name, artist name, and through album name. 

8. PlaylistSound

The last site that we have on this list is PlaySound. It is one of the most trusted sites for streaming music. You will find almost every kind of music and playlist on this site. PlaylistSound allows you to stream music without any ad interruption.

PlaylistSoundNo subscription is required when trying to stream music on it. Also, there’s no limitation to listening to music on the site. 

Final Words

These were some of the best unblocked music sites that you can go for. These sites have been tested by us and are completely genuine. You can use these sites to listen to music for free without any ad interruption and also download music offline on your device. 


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