A data breach is a security-based incident where an individual can have access to important information without any authorization. This data breach has a huge impact and can hurt businesses and consumers in multiple ways. It is a costly affair and requires a huge amount of time for repair. In the world scenario due to technological advancement, there is a wide shift of information in the digital world.

In other words, we can say that it became common and a costly affair too. The online platform is always under the threat of online crimes where get gets stolen. The data loss is a common phenomenon where card credentials and social security number can be accessed by other individuals too. In the current scenario, the cybercriminals are undergoing great pressure due to corporations and businesses as simply a large amount of data can be nabbed.

Data Breach In Indian Client Records

UniCredit Reveals Data Breach affecting Three Million Customers
UniCredit Reveals Data Breach affecting Three Million Customers

The cybersecurity team of UniCredit found information related to a data breach where millions of records available in a file format regarding Italian clients. This was created during the year 2015 for the Italian clients as they are the biggest lender.

They declared that the bank will not give any permission for unauthorized and vague transactions. There won’t be any access given to people for accessing customer accounts. This issue was taken and accepted by the bank very seriously and they decided to launch an internal investigation team.

This team will be in charge of different departments and authorities and resolve the issue. They made police a part of their investigation process too. They investigated and found that this data breaching is done because cybercrime is an industry which earns a lot of profit from the information they gathered through hacking. The attackers identify information and steal money and sell it through the dark web.


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