Are you looking to get your brand and products viewed by a large number of people? Wondering how to get more Instagram followers who relate to the services you are dealing with? 

If a YES is your standard answer for both the questions, then using Instagram videos will be your magic wand.

How You Can Use Instagram Videos to Drive Growth For Your Online StoreAt present, Instagram boasts of more than 1 billion monthly users, which is even more than that of Twitter. This is why the portal is working out for brands searching for different ways of interacting with customers.

Nevertheless, it is not the numbers you should be careful about, but the people on Instagram. This works because Instagrammers are real shoppers. 

Posting the right Instagram videos will get you customers soaking up your message even without sales pitches.

Moral of the story- Instagram videos will help you transform passive buyers into confident and loyal customers! Let’s get started with how you can use Instagram videos to drive your internet-based store’s growth.

1.) Include Interesting and Informative Bio in Your Instagram Video

This is the ultimate video marketing tip that will help you hook followers. Even before the Instagrammers click Follow on the portal, they need to go through the business profile. Hence, you need to ensure that you have an informative and catchy bio presented in the form of a video. That will work the magic for you.

Create video content in such a way that it convinces the audiences of the value you will be adding to their feeds. Try including the name of your business, along with a brief description of your products or services.

Keep the video profile interesting and light while avoiding sales tones. Remember, Instagram is a completely exclusive culture. It largely differs from other social media channels and online shops.

So, come up with a video bio that is not just appealing but reflects the tone of the other videos you are planning to share.

2.) Live Videos Always Work

Initially, Instagram came up in the form of an image-sharing portal. But at present, it has grown exponentially and is way more than just being a network for image sharing.

With features like live videos, stories, and videos, businesses can now develop different content varieties for engaging their probable customers and growing their followers.

Instagram stories give brands the flexibility of broadcasting live from their Smartphones with followers engaging in real-time. The different steps you can try out are discussing specific topics, hosting FAQ events, and interviewing featured influencers or guests.

3. Promote Products with Professional and Creative Videos

Online shopping is all about the power of product videos and images. The audio-visual platform of Instagram takes this power to a completely different level.

Many consumers consider in-depth videos to be highly valuable when it comes to making purchases – these work even more advantageously than customer ratings and product information.

Of course, you cannot directly indulge in sales pitches on Instagram, but you can use videos in a way to direct traffic that transforms into sales. But how is that possible?

Simple- exclusive share videos, filled with personality, and attention-grabbing. That’s it!

Do this correctly, and nothing can stop you from grabbing followers. They will buy your products and services because they have already established a connection with you.

Use excellent quality videos for showing off the aesthetics of your brand. Additionally, use them for flaunting the services you deal in. This adds variety, you know!

4.) Keep Posting Videos Consistently

Video posting consistency and frequency can help make your audiences understand what to expect from your content. This further helps in maximizing engagement and that too without hitting the stretches and lulls.

Your Instagram video marketing plan should target the frequency of your video posts. This will help you stay right on track. Studies reveal that brands that keep posting video content on Instagram get more engagement for their products and services.

5.) DIY Videos and Tutorial Content are the Best

Brands looking to get results by being on Instagram should know the type of videos that will work best for them. You know, audiences tend to differ in their taste and preferences.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of data available when it comes to getting an insight into the type of videos that work on Instagram. The people on Instagram love watching motivational and promotional videos.

But remember, there is nothing that works better than tutorial content or DIY videos. User-generated video content is also the key to grabbing the eyeballs of the Instagrammers.

That being said, Instagram users die for diversity. They tend to get annoyed and bored very quickly. So, avoid using the same type of video content over and over again. Create videos that share detailed information but pleasantly and crisply.

6.) Live Video Strategy Always Works

The users on Instagram are mainly mobile. So, these users have very few chances to stick to the posts for more than fifteen seconds. Nevertheless, you can force them to stay on your video content by using the live video strategy.

Use your live videos to run contests and offer discounts, but then do not forget to change camera effects. There’s no use going for Boomerangs in all your posts. That will not catch attention.

In one way or another, it is the aesthetic of your video that will play its part in enthralling the viewers. After all, Instagram is a visual-centric podium!

Final Words

Relying on the site traffic alone for selling your products and services is not a wise thing to do. Taking advantage of various other popular distribution channels like Instagram will work out for present-day businesses.

Since this platform is increasing, it makes good sense to use it as one primary means of driving your internet-based store’s growth. So, without wasting any time further, start uploading meaningful videos on Instagram.


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