Undoubtedly, computer hardware and software have gotten significantly better over the years and continue to do so. However, they are always vulnerable to crashes, attacks, etc., and the risk of data loss is always there. 

Losing digital data is anyone’s worst nightmare. Since we all have a solid virtual presence with our computers and mobiles, protecting data becomes vital. Thanks to tools like Veeam, data backup is easy. The device uses virtual machines (VMs), file-level restoration, incremental backups, etc., to create adequate backups.

While Veeam is a great tool, there is always scope for better ones. Luckily, there are many great Veeam alternatives. These backup tools have unique backup features that help users and organizations create adequate data backups and retrieve them in case something goes wrong. 

So today, we are listing some of the best Veeam alternatives you can use for data backup. These are powerful tools as good as Veeam or even better. 

Best Veeam Alternatives

1. Acronis Cyber Backup 

Acronis Cyber Backup is a powerful backup tool and one of the best Veeam alternatives. Regarding data backup, Acronis is easily one of the easiest and fastest data backup tools. The best part is that it covers all of your data, so you are covered. 

Another great thing about this tool is its deployment options. You can deploy the tool on-premise or at remote stations. It provides backup on private and public clouds or mobile devices. Overall, the usability and deployment of the tool are seamless, and you should try it. 

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2. Zerto

Zerto shares many common elements with Zerto but has some unique features. For starters, this tool is mainly got bigger organizations. It can handle more complicated needs than Veeam. This tool focuses on online backups. 

So data restoration is comparatively fast. If you are a business that needs to back up its data to the cloud, then Zerto can be an effective solution. 

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3. Veritas Technologies 

Next up is Veritas Technologies, this is another popular data backup solution. This tool integrates with NetBackup, and this is an excellent tool for businesses looking for a seamless DR strategy. The comprehensive cloud environment of the device helps businesses adopt hybrid platforms. 

The integration and deployment of the tool are seamless. Then the data backup options are solid as well. You get multiple options to protect Oracle databases from Copilot, an extensive database. Another great thing about Veritas Technologies is its customer support and service. The tool can significantly boost your business capabilities, so check it out. 

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4. CloudBerry Backup 

CloudBerry Backup is relatively new to the game, but it has gained much popularity over the past few years. This is a cloud-based backup tool with many great features. 

It allows for both local and cloud backups. The tool provides an efficient backup solution for MSPs, SaaS, and application service providers. Users can choose compatible cloud providers such as Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure.

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5. Macrium

If you are looking for a speedy and reliable data backup tool, then Macrium can be an excellent option. Because of its reliability, it is one of the best Veeam alternatives. Just like Veeam, you can get file-level backups and full system backups.

The tool allows you to mount moving files as virtual drives. So in case of need, you can directly access the files without restoring them first. One remarkable feature of the tool is the ISO burner which allows you to burn backup images to a disc. So you can try this alternative. 

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6. N-able Backup 

If you are an MSP looking for a data backup tool, you can check out N-able. It is specially made for MSPs and comes with many nifty features. The reason why it’s good for MSPs is because of its remote automation and management features. 

N-able comes as a part of a suite, and you get other tools, including antivirus and patch management. But if you want an N-able Backup, you can also get it as a standalone product. The features of this tool include compression, encryption, and virtualization. For enhanced security, you get advanced AES-256 encryption. 

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7. NinjaOne Backup 

Next up is NinjaOne Backup, which is an excellent alternative to Veeam as it works pretty much the same way as Veeam. However, NinjaOne Backup is far better than Veeam regarding data recovery. 

It is a go-to choice for organizations that have significant backup needs. So it doesn’t matter what size business you are; NinjaOne Backup can handle it. 

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8. Commvault 

Next up, we have Commvault, an effective backup tool for organizations. The integration and deployment of the tool are seamless. It can provide enterprise-grade protection and recovery of virtual machines, containers, databases, applications (including cloud), endpoints, and files. 

With this tool, you can seamlessly manage backed-up data. The service and support from the tool are excellent, and you can use it for effective data backup and recovery. 

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