We have a different online identity, and the hybrid workflow compels users to shift most of their data online. There are two major risk factors associated with the hybrid workflow. Machines can break down or have software issues that can toast your vital data. Second, bad actors are constantly trying to steal your data. 

If your data is compromised, you need a backup to start right where you left off. Luckily, many excellent free backup software for Windows can help you create data backups.

However, you can’t go and pick any random Windows backup software. You should keep many factors in mind before selecting a data backup software. Remember, this is where you will head in case something goes wrong.

Best Free Backup Software for Windows

We have compiled a list of the best backup software for Windows 11/10. So you won’t have to search a whole lot of places.

1. EaseUS ToDo Backup

EaseUS ToDo Backup is easily one of the most popular data backup software available, so it is only natural that it is on our list. The best thing about this backup software is that it covers all users with various needs. Whether it’s businesses, home users, or service providers, the software can handle everything. 

EaseUS ToDo BackupIt is compatible with both Windows and Mac. If you are new to data backup and recovery, EaseUS ToDo Backup is the best option. Although it has a clunky interface, the software is very efficient in creating backups without wasting too many resources. 

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2. NovaBackup

For users who want basic data backup software with solid features, NovaBackup can be a great option. The platform is highly secure and provides video tutorials to get stuff done. 

NovaBackupThis is a good backup software for novice users with options to create data backup to cloud drives like DropBox and OneDrive. So, if you want to back up your hard drive every now and then, use this software. 

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3. IDrive Online Backup

If you are a small business that needs to back up its data frequently, then IDrive Online Backup can be an excellent platform. Their market segment mainly comprises small businesses. Furthermore, you also get good customer service to rely on them. 

IDrive Online BackupThe best thing about the service is that it covers backup for all your devices, including PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and servers. All of the data is backed up into one cloud backup account. Depending on your needs, you can choose from on-site or cloud backups. Overall, the service is quite good. 

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4. FBackup

FBackup is another excellent backup tool for beginners. Its seamless user interface makes it very easy to use. The tool takes your data and backs it up directly on the cloud. 

FBackupWhat’s interesting is that this tool can perform full and mirror backups. You can use it to back up your files to local drives, network drives, and the cloud. 

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5. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

Next up is Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office. If you are looking for feature-packed backup software, this one is better than any other. It backs up your data locally and in the cloud. 

Acronis Cyber Protect Home OfficeYou can also do drive cloning or mirroring with a few clicks. The entire process of backing up your data is seamless on this platform. There is an anti-ransomware feature that can reverse encryption in case someone hacks your drive. The only downside of the software is that it increases the rig’s boot time. 

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6. Genie9 Timeline

Genie9 Timeline is an effortless data backup software with robust security features. Setting this up is seamless, and you can do it in just three steps. 

Genie9 TimelineThis one comes with ​​a traditional drive backup to a media drive. If you want more options, check out the Genie Backup Manager. But for most users, this one works just fine. 

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7. Paragon Backup & Recovery

If you are a standard home user looking for a simple and free backup tool, Paragon Backup & Recovery can be an excellent option. Setting up this software is seamless. This tool offers both incremental and differential backup options. 

Paragon Backup & RecoveryAn interesting feature of the tool is the event-based scheduling of backup. It is also excellent in terms of security, as the platform uses robust encryption algorithms to keep your data safe. Furthermore, the tool is highly customizable, so you can try it out. 

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8. Druva Data Resiliency Cloud

Since businesses use various SaaS platforms and other tools like Office 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, etc., creating backups across various services is challenging. 

Druva Data Resiliency CloudThat is where Druva Data Resiliency Cloud software comes to the rescue. The tool has cloud integration, enabling users to manage, govern and recover their data using a centralized system. So, if you are a business that uses many services, this tool is worth checking out. 

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9. AOMEI Backupper Professional

AOMEI Backupper Professional

AOMEI Backupper Professional is your ultimate ally in securing your digital assets. Combining a user-friendly interface with powerful features, it enables users to effortlessly safeguard their files, folders, and entire systems.

From disk imaging to file syncing and system migration, AOMEI Backupper Professional offers a comprehensive solution for all your backup needs. Embrace peace of mind and entrust your data to the reliable protection of AOMEI Backupper Professional.

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10. Uranium Backup

Uranium Backup

Uranium Backup offers unparalleled data protection with its array of features. From intuitive scheduling to advanced encryption, it shields your files and systems effortlessly. With robust disaster recovery and seamless cloud integration, it ensures comprehensive security. Navigate the digital realm with confidence, knowing Uranium Backup has you covered.

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