Virgin Media is a telecommunication company based in the UK that provides telephone, television, and internet services. The company had issued a warning to all the users to be aware of scammers. All the users should be careful if the firm is contacting them without their concern.

Scammers can get Access to PC or can Steal the Personal Data of Virgin Media Users

Virgin Media Warns Users to be Safe from Scammers

The internet service provider, Virgin Media, says the scammers are trying to use the customers via fake phone calls to steal personal data. The calls use sneaky tactics called Vishing and can harm the user’s data.

The fake phone calls will sound professional, so the user will think the other person on the phone is genuine. And if the person is tricked by the scammer, they can end up giving access to the bank details, and if the Online IP address is shared, then full access to the user’s PC will be with Scammer.

So, before sharing any details, make sure you look out that the call is genuine or not. The call is genuine if you have requested it from the company. Then Virgin will first ask if you are the account holder or not and will confirm with the three random characters of your account memorable word. Apart from that, the firm might ask you to answer security questions.

So, if anyone thinks they have become a victim of fraud can still stop the hacks from taking place. If you have given any bank details, then contact your bank immediately, change the account password, Contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, Call Virgin Media on 150.

Not only has Virgin Media warned its users, but even Microsoft has also warned the users to be on the lookout for scams.


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