Credit Card fraud is a big issue in countries across Europe and America. Recently, retail stores and malls are involved in data fraud through credit card transactions. These transactions are infected with malware or bugs that steal your data, including your CVV2 codes and send it to the hackers. This time gas stations of Wawa were the primary targets of this attack.

On December 10th, the Executive Officer of the company stated to the press that cybersecurity experts detected a credit card fraud at their respective stores. The suspected expansion of this malware is considered critical. Also, cybersecurity experts suggest that this malware was present in the Wawa servers from February 2019. The amount of data stolen through this infestation is yet unknown.

Wawa Stores Hit by Malware
Image By Flickr

The loyalty consumers and buyers from Wawa stores are raising a huge cry over this occurrence. They fear the loss of data or bank fraud in the coming months because of this data leak. Some of them are even suggesting WAWA’s involvement in these frauds, which top officials have denied repeatedly.

ATM Stores Were Not Primary Targets: CEO

Chris Gheysens, the CEO of the company, said that the store ATMs were not the target of a data hack. The malware spread into gas stations or cash counters of the multiplexes. The malware detection and removal process is under process, and positive results will reflect soon, he added.

FBI, in its various investigations, raised concerns over these types of malware that broke through bank servers and user data. It encourages companies to secure their company’s firewalls or hire expert data security personnel to safeguard their information. Often, many companies do not pay heed to these bits of advice and become victims of these attacks.

The US Government recently issued a notice to all corporations across the Valley to hire full-time data security experts for safeguarding their systems. This step was taken to prevent long term effects of any malware that can include breakthrough into data compromising national security.


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