UserTesting is a very popular website that pays users who test apps, games, and websites. This website has been paying people for testing, and the lowest one could make on UserTesting is around $15 or more.

While UserTesting is a great website, there are other alternatives like it out there. These websites will also pay you to test. You could earn up to $30 per hour or more while testing on these websites.

In today’s article, we’ve curated the top websites like UserTesting to earn up to $50 or more while testing websites. You’ll also get paid for testing products and services.

Best Websites Like UserTesting for Products & Services

The websites listed below are the perfect alternatives to UserTesting. You can check the below list and pick it as per your need.

1. PlaytestCloud

A great website that’ll pat you for testing is PlaytestCloud if you love giving reviews on games and apps. PlaytestCloud might be the perfect testing website for you, and you’ll get paid for testing apps and games.

websites like UserTesting

PlaytestCloud pays users nothing less than $9 and more. The preferred payment method on this platform is Paypal. If you’re from the United States, UK, or Canada, PlaytestCloud is one of the alternatives to Usertesting that you might consider using.

2. TryMyUI

A website like TryMyUl might just be a great choice if you know how to test websites. This website allows users to text for user experience on any company’s website. TryMyUl is quite similar to UserTesting, and it’ll only take 20 minutes for you to test.

websites like UserTesting

One of the reasons why you’ll love this website is that it pays fast, you” get paid via Paypal. Testing is available to most users in North America, an average time of 20 minutes is all that is required to test on TryMyUl. When seeking a website that operates like UserTesting, TryMyUl should be considered as an option.

3. TestingTime

While spending time online as a tester, TestingTime offers one of the best testing tasks. You’ll be able to test remotely, they will pay you for every test you carry out.

websites like UserTesting

There are different varieties of testing options on TestingTime. You can test apps, gadgets, products, or services. Sometimes, they send physical products to the user’s location to test. While working with this site, you’ll need to review it honestly. They make payments through PayPal and direct transfers.

4. Focus Group

When making reviews, opinions do matter on Focus Group and that’s why it is one of the best websites like UserTesting. Getting the right products to test on Focus Group is very easy, you can take part in surveys, live to test, and so on.

websites like UserTesting

Focus Group rewards users with points, a dollar could be up to 100 points, and you’ll need to participate in more testing to get more points. The mode of testing on Focus Group is quite different, unlike UserTesting, and Focus Group supports testing from many countries; that’s why it’s one of the best.

5. Userlytics

Userlytics is a popular testing website that pays users to test apps, this website has been around for quite some time now and pays well. You can test websites as well, with a minimum of $5 to $15 for each test.

websites like UserTesting

Accepted countries on this platform included Europe, Asia, and North America. Users will get payments via PayPal. Userlytics is an amazing website to test and make money. When working with Userlytics, you’ll only be allowed to spend less than 20 minutes per test, and incentives range from $5 to $20.

6. UserFeel

While most websites select countries where users can test from, Userfeel is quite different and any country can participate. Userfeel basically works differently compared to UserTesting and it’s one of the best alternatives to it.


A test can attract a reward of anything from $10, and you have just 20 minutes to complete a test. Rewards and processed to PayPal for a quick reflection. One of the best websites like UserTesting that you can use for testing is UserFeel. It’s reliable and pays well.

7. Userbrain

Another website to look out for on this list is Userbrain, and it operates differently compared to Usertesting and its alternatives. For users to test on this website, a live screen recording is required.


When considering the pay rate, a minimum of $3 per test is attracted. While that might sound too poor, it’s the best UserBrain gives its users. Another thing is that it allows global users. You can test on UserBrain from any country as long as you speak English.

8. Validately

Validately is a website that most big companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon come to for users to test their products. It’s a good website where users will be rewarded perfectly on any carried-out test.


The downside of Validately is that it doesn’t require live sessions. You’ll need to test for products and services live. That sometimes makes it a no-no for most people, but the pay rate is mouthwatering.

Getting products to test is not easy on Validately, as only one test shows up per week. Despite all the scrutiny, Validately is still a great alternative to UserTesting.

9. User Crowd

User Crowd has the lowest pay rate when it comes to testing, and it’s quite understandable due to the fact that users can only test for designs and logos. It’s nothing close to UserTesting, but it can come in handy as well.

User Crowd

The pay rate on this website goes from $0.20 to $1, but the good news is that you can carry out more than one test. User Crowd doesn’t limit users that much. The website might not come close to UserTesting in terms of pay rate, but it is very easy to use.

10. IntelliZoom

If you don’t mind carrying out tests and getting rewarded after 21 days, then IntelliZoom might just be the perfect website for you. This website allows users to test based on survey questions, and it’s not difficult.


IntelliZoom supports payout via PayPal. Your rewards will be sent to your IntelliZoom account. Then after 21 days, you’ll get them out to your PayPal. This website is one of the best UserTesting alternatives out there. You can always give it a trial anytime.


These are the best websites like UserTesting to test and make money. These websites all have different modes of operation. But giving an honest opinion when you test a product will increase your chances of getting more tests. That’s why they’re very similar to UserTesting.


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