WhatsApp and Instagram are the most used apps in their respective categories across the world. Almost everyone knows their names but now Facebook is planning to change the names of both the platforms. WhatsApp is going to be WhatsApp from Facebook, Instagram is going to be Instagram from Facebook.

The news of this name changing has been circulated for a long time now and Facebook confirmed it recently. “The Information” journalists were the first ones to reveal about this on Friday. Later the Facebook representatives confirmed the same.

WhatsApp and Instagram are Getting New Names From Facebook
Credits – https://www.indiaaheadnews.com

This new step from Facebook is to claim its ownership over both the apps. Although most of the people already knew that Facebook owns both platforms, the company wants to ensure that everyone knows about it.

App Name Won’t Change In Mobiles

No, you won’t have a big name “WhatsApp From Facebook” on your home screen. The name will be WhatsApp only. The new users will find it as WhatsApp From Facebook in the play stores of both Apple and Google. There are some anti-trust shareholders who are scrutinizing the company and in order to assure that Facebook is the owner of both of these companies, it is adding its name.

Apart from this reason, there is another reason that is circulating out there. The government has provided a mandate for Facebook to prove that both of these acquisitions are legal only. The fact here is that Facebook is not going to gain much by adding its name. Facebook has its own base and apart from that, it has been into so many controversies already. This new step from the company can affect users with security and privacy threats.

Facebook has still not mentioned the reason behind this change publicly yet. Even the time from which this will become effective is also not revealed. People are still waiting for Facebook to confirm.


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