WhatsApp is on a roll in adding new features. Just a day after the platform started testing sticker suggestions, it’s now testing chat filters.

Spotted in v2.23.14.17, WhatsApp will automatically filter the chats into Unread, Personal, and Business categories. This makes it easier for users to find relevant chats based on their nature. The app already allows users to find Unread chats through the search bar, which also includes media differentiation too.

Filtering Chats on WhatsApp

Competing aggressively against its rivals, WhatsApp is adding new features more frequently than ever. The platform has recently increased the group video call limit; participants limit, and others while also testing a sticker suggestion based on emojis.

And now, it’s reportedly working on adding chat filters based on their nature, viz unread, personal, and business. This was spotted by WaBetaInfo on WhatsApp v2.23.14.17, where the Chats tab is divided into All, Unread, Personal, and Business.

These categories are self-explanatory, with WhatsApp automatically filtering them for you to access quickly. The platform already has a filtering feature cooked in the search section, where users can find unread chats alongside other media categories. But dividing them into Personal and Business categories is new.

Well, this appears to be in development and available only for one-on-one personal chats. Group chats, too, may be added later, considering how important they are to the platform. Also, this feature seems to be ripped in the next version – v2.23.14.18, which I’m running on, has no such hint. Maybe, WhatsApp is developing this feature to better or adds it through a server-side update later.

Chat filters like these are available on Telegram and Signal for a while, but not at this prominence. But WhatsApp, with over two billion users, should take care of every single aspect of the platform to remain high on the table.