Finally, the wait is over, and WhatsApp now has a dark mode. Recently, it was announced that a dark theme is introduced in the WhatsApp beta version. This is big news as users were waiting for a dark mode for a very long time. The dark mode was first hinted back in 2018. However, the world’s second most popular non-Google Android app took a very long time to implement this AMOLED-friendly mode.

The New WhatsApp Dark Mode is Welcomed by Disappointment

As mentioned above, the users wanted the feature, but it is far away from being the ideal mode. For starter, the theme isn’t the best implementation; it is a simple deeper grayscale colour, which makes using WhatsApp easy in the night or in low-light. So, if you are expecting a full dark mode that blends into your phone, then you would be disappointed with the theme.

WhatsApp Dark Mode
WhatsApp Dark Mode

However, there is a saving point in this WhatsApp dark mode. That is, you can toggle within WhatsApp and either decide on an auto-switch dark mode, or you can activate the theme throughout the day. So, you can either use the dark mode for the whole day, or it will auto switch in the night or in a low-light environment.

You can download the new theme:

The new theme is available only on the beta version, and a few users have access to it. But you can still update your WhatsApp to 2.20.13 if you search the internet for it. Or you can wait a few more days until WhatsApp releases the official version on the play store.

No one can say for sure when the official dark mode will be released. But at least we have a beta version in the messaging app which has more than 5 billion downloads. Soon, each of those users would experience the darker OLED-friendly theme.


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