A couple of months after testing, WhatsApp finally rolled out the HD photo-sharing support to its users, rolling out to all its clients gradually.

WhatsApp users, when sending a photo, can now select between Standard and HD options – where choosing the latter sends the image in high resolution. Pictures received in such high quality will bear an HD tag to inform so.

High-Quality Photo Sharing on WhatsApp

Though reigning the instant messenger space with over 2.5 billion active users, WhatsApp lacks one crucial feature – the ability to send high-quality media. Whether photos or videos, WhatsApp automatically compresses the media before sending it to others in chats.

And it’s frustrating, as people switched to odd means of sending media files in document formats to save the high resolution. And since this workaround is time-consuming, WhatsApp is now letting users send images in HD quality after two months of testing.

As announced by Mark Zuckerberg, HD image-sharing support on WhatsApp is rolling out to everyone worldwide, gradually. WaBetaInfo initially noted this feature in the betas of iOS v23.11.0.76 and Android v2.23.12.13, and it remains the same in the official rollout.

When sending an image from Gallary, users can see a new HD option available besides the image editing tools, selecting which will ask them to choose between Standard and HD options and send it accordingly. If you don’t select an option before sending so, WhatsApp will automatically send the image in Standard resolution.

Images sent in HD quality will bear an HD logo at the bottom left when received to convey the same to the recipient. TechCrunch also notes that if you receive an HD photo while on low bandwidth connectivity, you can download either a standard-quality photo or its HD version, as desired.