WhatsApp, in a blog post today, announced the rollout of two new features – silencing unknown callers and a quick privacy check-up page.

WhatsApp has set a new Privacy Checkup banner in Settings, tapping on which will let users check all their privacy permissions at once. Also, the platform can now silence unknown callers to keep you at peace and will intimate through a notification and lists in the Calls tab for checking later.

WhatsApp New Privacy Settings

Though WhatsApp is lagging behind its messenger rivals regarding new features, the platform values its users’ privacy and security very much. In this pursuit, WhatsApp has rolled out a new Privacy Checkup feature in the latest update, letting users adjust several privacy settings at a glance.

For the first timers, getting into Settings will show a new Privacy Checkup banner – where you can control who can contact you, access your info, and privacy to chats and account data. You can toggle these settings to make quick changes and modify them individually in Settings.

This review is designed to make users aware of their existing privacy settings and let them make necessary changes accordingly if needed. WhatsApp notes to “provide a safe and confidential environment for individuals to express themselves, particularly with those they hold dear more,” thus encouraging people to secure their chats.

This aside, WhatsApp has also added an option to silence unknown callers, which can be enabled to let the platform mute calls coming from unknown callers automatically later on. This helps reduce the risk of falling victim to scammers – where the perpetrators are WhatsApp calling their targets for various malicious purposes.

Since WhatsApp announced these in a dedicated blog post today, they should be available to anyone downloading the app from Play Store or App Store. Just ensure you’re running on the latest version of the app open, and check for these additions.