Since last month the name of Huawei has been a centre of attraction. The US President Donald Trump has imposed a ban on the Chinese telecommunication provider and mobile phone manufacturer Huawei. The ban has indeed created a ruckus all over the world.

The top companies from the US like Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm Snapdragon and Facebook have already broken their ties with Huawei. Now Huawei has already started making their own OS for its users.

Some Officials are Skeptical of Whether To Impose the ban or not

White House Officials Are Planning To Delay Huawei Ban
White House Officials Are Planning To Delay Huawei Ban

Although the ban has already been issued, some of the US officials are still sceptical about it. The acting director of White House Management and Budget Russel T. Vought has requested for a two year time for Huawei. A Wall Street Journal has published this and stated that Russel wrote a letter to Vice President Mike Pence and nine other members of Congress. He has pointed out that this ban on Huawei will result in the dramatic reduction of companies that supply goods for government.

This ban will also affect the rural areas which usually receive federal loans and grants. The organizations that have been more dependent on Huawei technology will get affected by this ban.

An OMB person has emailed a statement mentioning that “this delay of a ban is for the good of companies that deal with Huawei. There are a lot of startups that are using Huawei technology and are working with the help of federal loans and grants.

It is important for such companies to have some time before extricating themselves from working with Huawei altogether. There are some other Chinese companies that are also listed in NDAA and they also should get some more time before getting completely banned.”

Huawei management hasn’t made any comments on these new rumours.


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