In case you are hoping to introduce either Windows 10 1903 or Windows 10 1909 (the May 2019 & the November 2019 Updates), and you are a client of Avast or AVG Antivirus, you may well find that Microsoft keeps away you from updating.

The company has found a compatibility issue with the antivirus software and is not allowed to update the windows. It is also suggested to the user not to give a single try to sidestep the block by installing the recent update manually.

The version 19.5.4444.567 of Antivirus or earlier is affected.

Windows 10 1909 Update Blocked on PCs running AVG/Avast Antivirus
Image Via LVTS

Avast and AVG have likewise released support news [Avast, AVG] with similar data as the one published by Microsoft.

As of November 2019, AVG Antivirus Program versions 19.5 or lower are no longer compatible with the Windows 10, version 1903 (the May 2019 Update). Before your PC can update to this Windows 10 version, a setup dialog displays the applications that need your attention first. If AVG Antivirus appears in this dialog, refer to the relevant instructions below to get the latest version of AVG Antivirus before updating your Windows 10.

While one can attempt to update the older versions, then Windows 10 Setup will show a message expressing that the client must “Uninstall this app now because it isn’t compatible with Windows 10.”

There is a simple solution to this issue as you need to update Avast or AVG to a new version. Hence, the updates of Windows 10 will be unblocked.


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