Microsoft never ceases to amaze as it carries on perfecting its OS. Not only did it do exemplary work on the icons but also the start menu interface has got augmented. In a special podcast that was mainly made for Insiders and broadcast on Mixer, the Windows design team let go of the futuristic design of the Windows.

The older one was concerned around dynamic tiles, while the newer version of the Start menu is more fluent, sober and modern. They bring the static concept back along with modern variations.

Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 New Interface
Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 New Interface

One Can Still Keep The Dynamic Interface.

The new look of the Windows 10 Start menu targets to put to an end the variegated tiles and gives the customer a lucid experience irrespective of which theme the user has configured. The menu interface also gives an illusion amounting to total transparency and highlights the new icons of applications recently in the deployment stage

The Windows team still maintains that the design is not perfected and some work is needed. Furthermore, more features will be added to augment the customer experience. When this feature will be put into circulation is still not finalized. More possibilities are being looked at. The dynamic menu is still going to stay irrespective of the implementation. Microsoft shall only take a call on the final fate of dynamic tiles after feedback from the customer comes on the beta stage which will roll out shortly.

The new Windows 10X Start menu is absolutely different from the original version that is found in the desktop version of Windows 10. It looks more like a task launcher along with many pinnable apps that makes the design very fresh and user-friendly. Only time will say if the design will be appreciated by the people who will use it.

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