To let users manage the RGB colors of their PC, Microsoft is making a native dashboard in Windows 11, under the Personalisation Settings.

This option will be cooked into the Lightening section, where users can turn off/on and change the RGB effects to any connected device or app. This is rolling out to the testers in the coming days, while others have to wait a bit longer.

RGB Settings in Windows 11

Understanding the problems from third-party RGB apps, Microsoft is making its own RGB control panel in Windows 11. A native dashboard for managing RGB lights within Windows 12 has long been rumoured and is now finally coming to the testing channels.

This option will be hidden in the new Lightening section of Settings > Personalisation, where you can see all the eligible devices for enabling RGB in them. The page shows not only the native keyboards, mice, or controllers, but devices from other OEMs if they support Windows RGB.

Though Windows does have plenty of third-party tools to manage such RGB lights, they’re mostly buggy and complex. Thus, to fill this void, Microsoft is making a native dashboard for RGB Settings in Windows 11.

Though most devices should be compatible, Microsoft still expects developers and hardware partners to experiment with the integration and roll out necessary drivers to support the native control better. The company is also planning to add profiles for RGB controls – which can be saved and used for different devices later on.

Aside from this, Microsoft is also bringing Windows Copilot to the Windows 11 Microsoft Store, which uses AI to curate the best apps list, highlight better results in the search bar, optimize app discovery, and generate review summaries.

Further, there’s a new “Backup and Restore” option in the Windows 11 Settings to let users retain the apps and their data when switching between devices. This is extremely helpful for both users and developers to retain their customers when they switch devices.