Microsoft has announced a new service called Windows 365 at the Microsoft Inspire conference. Windows 365 allows the users to access a full-fledged Windows operating system from any device, including desktop, laptop, or mobile.

Windows 365, a Subscription Cloud PC, will be available from 2 August

Windows 365, a Subscription Cloud PC will be available from 2 August

Microsoft has designed Windows 365 to provide a complete computing experience through a native app or a Web browser on any device with an active Internet connection.

Windows 365 will be available to organizations from 2nd August, and it will be accessible through Mac, iPad, Linux, and Android phones. In addition, Microsoft brings two cloud PC configurations, Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise. However, the pricing details are not announced yet.

The installation of Windows 365 will be configurable with eight virtual CPUs, 16GB RAM, and 512GB storage. In addition, the company is planning to bring dedicated GPU power.

Features of Windows 365

Microsoft wants to provide a great experience with the security that can be accessed through a web browser and a native app. The users can access full Windows 10 or Windows 11 (once officially launched) from the app or Web browser. You can also access the apps, tools, data, and settings from the cloud that you want on the PC.

With the help of Microsoft Cloud integration, you can access Windows 365 while switching between the devices. As the service will run on the cloud, there will be no difference in performance.

A General Manager of Microsoft 365, Wangui McKlevey, said

“Windows 365 is really going to make a huge difference for organizations that wanted to try virtualization for various reasons but could not — maybe it was too costly, too complex or they didn’t have the expertise in house to do it”.

Windows 365 will support business apps like Dynamic 365, Power Platform, Microsoft 365, and more. Moreover, the Endpoint Manager can work with Windows 365 to allow the IT teams who manage the cloud PCs that are provided in the organizations.

There is an Endpoint Analytics dashboard that offers analytics and gives access to see the Internet health.

Microsoft started developing Windows 365 before the covid-19 pandemic with some references.


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