Windows XP is not just the most successful and popular operating system but is nostalgic. Remarkably, 400 million copies were sold worldwide after the launch in 2001. The legendary revolutionary OS was the gateway of the modern-day operating system.

Even after the retirement of Windows XP, people still want to use the historic operating system on their PC. That’s why you are here to download Windows XP ISO File Professional from the most trusted source. However, without further delay, let’s start.

Minimum System Requirements for Windows XP

Before downloading and using bootable media needs, some basic requirements to run. Otherwise, you might get errors or other issues using the virtual OS.

It needed a specific amount of RAM, storage, process, or many other things. I think everyone has more than enough systems nowadays. Let’s have a clear look.


  • 300 MHz + on a one-core must.
  • 64 to 128 MB RAM, at least
  • 1.5 GB Storage
  • 8 MB V-RAM
  • 600 x 800 Pixels Resolution
  • SVGA – capable video card.

Windows XP Features

Windows XP had everything to be a perfect OS. Here are some key features worth knowing.

  1. Windows Media Player.
  2. Network set up wizard.
  3. Brand new user interface.
  4. Updated security features.
  5. Remote desktop access.
  6. Support multi-tasking.
  7. Multi-lingual interface.
  8. Encryption of file system.
  9. Compatibility with LCD displays.
  10. Permission to use the dynamic disks.

Download Windows XP ISO

After the OS’s release, it continued the historic journey till 2009. And finally, Microsoft stopped the support in 2014 for next-generation operating systems.

However, you can’t find the downloadable link on Microsoft’s official website. But you download Windows XP ISO from the Microsoft server.

Here is the download link directly from the Microsoft server. You can download for 32 bits and 64 bits accordingly. If you don’t know what bits you have in your system. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Search for System information, and hit open.
  2. It will show you all the necessary data regarding your system. Now you can download it 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Operating System – Windows XP ISO
  • Service Pack – 3 (SP3)
  • Language – English US
  • Version – 32 bits & 64 bits

How to Create Windows Bootable Media using USB/CD or DVD

So you downloaded the Windows XP file from the provided link. Now we will create Windows bootable media using a USB stick.

You have to download and install Rufus, an open-source application used for format disks and create bootable USB flash drives for Windows 7. Windows 10 and the upper version.

Make sure you have enough space on the USB drives. We recommend you delete all files you have on the drive. Or you can store data somewhere else to keep it clean for Windows XP bootable media.

One more thing, the drive space has to be more than 4 GB. Now follow this super simple process.

  1. First, insert the USB stick.
  2. Open Rufus, and Select your device, which means choose the USB.
  3. Choose the Windows XP ISO file and click on the Select button from the boot iso file
  4. Now choose a name for the bootable device from the Volume label, or you can skip it as it is.
  5. Then, click on Start, which will take a few minutes to create the bootable media.rufus start button
  6. Once all is done, a dialog box will open for confirmation. Click on Ok.
  7. You have successfully created the bootable media. Now time to install the OS into the system.

How to Install Windows XP ISO

Once you have the ready bootable drive, you are behind a few more steps to install the OS in your Windows.

We need to restart the system whenever you create any bootable media for installing an OS. Let’s see how we can process this together.

  1. Restart your system, and press the boot key before the current operating sign-in.


    Brand Boot Menu Key
    ASUS F8
    Acer F12
    Dell F12
    HP F9
    Lenovo F8, F10, F12


    Motherboard Brand
    Boot Menu Key
    ASUS F8
    Gigabyte F12
    MSI F11
    Intel F10
    ASRock F8, F11
    Biostar F9
  2. You will get the drive list right after you. Generally, choose the inserted drive. 
  3. Next, the legendary blue Window screen will appear.Windows XP blue screen
  4. Now you can see a set of options. Click on Enter button to continue forward.Press ENTER from the list of options
  5. Press F8 to accept the terms and conditions.Press F8 to accept the terms and conditions
  6. Now choose unallocated space or already existing drive and hit Enter button.Now choose unallocated space or already existing drive and hit Enter button
  7. On the next screen, you need to select formatting options. Click on Format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick).Format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick)
  8. It will take a few minutes to format the drive, create a new partition, and start the installation process.It will take a few minutes to format the drive, create a new partition, and start the installation process
  9. You will see Windows XP on the screen when the format process ends.Windows xp sp3
  10. After this, it will take a few minutes to complete the installation process.few minutes to complete the installation process
  11. On the Regional and Language options, you need to select the date, time and keyboard layout and click on the Next button.Regional and Language options
  12. Now restart the system once again after completing the installation of Windows XP.
  13. Here we go. You are ready to rock Windows XP Professional.Welcome to Windows XP


Can we download Windows XP for free?

Yes, we can download Windox XP for 32 bits and 64 bits free of cost from the Microsoft server.

Is this Windows XP genuine?

Yes, the provided download link is coming from Microsoft’s official server. You can download it without any issues.

Using Windows XP in 2023 safe?

The operating system was discontinued in 2009, and Microsoft stopped its support and security patches. It may involve risk if you use it for work purposes. Otherwise, okay to use it to get back early days feelings.

Final Words

Signing off – this is how you can download Windows XP ISO SP3 file for free. Following all these easy steps, you can install this on your system and use it. If you are getting any issues, let us know in the comment section.


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