A possible malfunction, glitch or a bug in EOSPlay allowed a remote hacker to confiscate 30,000 EOS via EOS REX on September 19, 2019. Moreover, the statement that was released informed that the hacker used REX for making sure the blocks got full with their transactions. In other words, this confirmed continuous winning on EOSPlay. EOS REX is the single biggest Defi platform by a massive margin with more than 331 million EOS being placed on it during the time of press release.

Jared Moore, the crypto entrepreneur, opined that the hacker had to splurge near about 300 EOS ($1,200 at press time) for configuration of this attack. This involved an array of focussed subsequent transactions to denoted constant wins on the app.

EOS Network Unaffaceted But Moves Over 8%

With 1000$, A Hacker Steals More Than $110,000 Worth Of Cryptocurrency
Credits – https://www.express.co.uk

A tweet from Daniel Larimer, CTO at EOS developer company Block. One was doing the rounds, which indicated that this individual hacking event did not do much damage to the EOS network in entirety. However, it did cause a sudden network overload cutting down on extra bandwidth which could be available on a free basis.

In other words, Moore, as well as other experts, expressed that the hack halted the EOS blockchain framework. The claim that went about was that the network was incompatible for both DApps and wallet. Many other users cited other problems, including CPU heating up and more, indicating that the entire network was attacked. A Reddit user started the network didn’t go dormant despite the warnings the hacker stopped the blockchain for nearly an hour, claiming his source from Block.io

Notwithstanding the apparent FUD, the EOS did see substantial growth even on that day. It was fleeting around the 3/7$ mark at morning only to move to 4$ at press release time with a variance of 8.3%. The famous portal Coin360 was of the opinion that altcoin is seeing the maximum growth out of its counterparts in the present time.


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