Among the solutions, there is Supremo one of the most reliable and cost-effective alternative to Teamviewer


Supremo brings your home office with high standards of speed, efficiency, and stability.

It allows you intuitive remote access (without any type of configuration) but at the same time full of a wide range of features that will improve the management of your work and office remotely.

It is a cross-platform software available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS: connect from a PC, smartphone or tablet if you are traveling, at home or anywhere else.

Supremo not only allows you to work in total mobility, but also improves your working life thanks to powerful features such as:

  • Installation as a service for unattended access: connect whenever you want without the need for individuals in front of the screen
  • “allowed ID” feature: allow access to your PCs only from specific devices that you consider suitable and safe
  • File Transfer: transfer documents between the PCs during connection to continue working and not to interrupt your projects. You also will be able to Drag&Drop files to manage them more quickly
  • Online Address Book for Contacts: add Supremo contacts to connect to in just a few clicks and share these contacts with your colleagues
  • Online Report: monitors the connections made during the working days by all the connected accounts
  • Customization of the interface for your brand (insert logo, info, and references)

Supremo is a software available for free, but it can also be purchased for companies at an extremely competitive price starting from €5/month per user in case you want to perform multiple simultaneous sessions. A very important thing for maximum flexibility is the possibility of purchasing quarterly or annual plans to be modulated also according to the number of simultaneous sessions required. You can try it for free for 21 days.


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