After hyping a lot about the creator’s payment system, X admits it’s unable to make payments on time because the program is so popular and needs time to review the eligible accounts.

This hasn’t been new, as we’re expecting the company to stumble upon payments at some time, considering its current financial condition. After making initial payments to eligible accounts a couple of weeks ago, X opened the Creators program to more people, only to hold payments for all.

Delayed Due to Over-Popularity

Elon Musk earlier this year talked about a Creators program on X (formerly Twitter) that would pay certain accounts – paid verification via Twitter Blue or Verified organisations, 15 million “organic” impressions in the last three months, and at least 500 followers – a certain amount to make their livelihood on the platform.

Many brushed these sayings considering Musk’s amusing tweets all the time and Twitter’s financial condition back then. But the social media company surprised everyone by paying the first batch of creators last month and withstanding Musk’s sayings!

Well, this program is already losing its trust as the second payment instalment is being delayed – as X admits it’s unable to process the payments on time considering its program is so popular, which needs reviewing the eligible accounts again!

Revealing this decision, the X Support account says, “We need a bit more time to review everything for the next payout and aim to get all eligible accounts paid as soon as possible.” Well, Elon Musk has already tweeted about the delayed payments a few times now while rebranding the Twitter Blue Subscription to “X Premium.”

While it’s understandable that X can’t pay its growing creators already, it doesn’t show well on a company striving to become a super app (adding banking, stock trading, and other vital financial features one day). And not likeable when Musk said the Creators program is a “part of our effort to help people earn a living directly on X.”

Well, it has become so common to hear the news of Twitter unable to pay or on time, as we’ve seen several cases till now. The company is already being sued by a number of creditors, including their buildings landlords and former and current employees, over ghosted payments.