X is reportedly testing an ID-based verification system for users to avoid impersonation cases that created havoc on the platform late last year.

Under this, users will be asked to upload a copy of their government-issued ID and a selfie, which will then be used to verify their identity. The process takes about 5 minutes, while X retains the images and biometric data for up to 30 days for security purposes.

Account Verification on X

With more prominent figures and government accounts, X is undoubtedly an essential social media platform than others in the same space. This gives the platform an immense responsibility to tackle misinformation and impersonation so often than others to stay reliable.

And it’s everything to fulfil this responsibility, with the latest one being an ID-based verification system for users on the platform. As noted by Nima Owji, an app researcher and a reliable tester, an in-app message in X detailed how the new system works.

X users will be asked to provide a government-issued ID and a live selfie, which are used for authentication. The verification firm behind this process is Au10tix. This third-party identity intelligence company boasts on its “8-second verification without even partial human involvement” and its technology behind “first-of-a-kind in detecting synthetic fraud patterns globally.

Although, X says the verification process may take about 5 minutes, and it’ll keep “ID images, including biometric data, for up to 30 days for safety and security, including preventing impersonation.”

More details on this are yet to be known, but it’s evident that X is trying its best to counter impersonation on the platform, especially after the havoc caused by perpetrators late last year. The revamped Twitter Blue (now X Premium) led anyone to get a verified badge by paying a sum, triggering impersonation and trust issues.