As per reports, some Xiaomi users in China can use the 5G Messaging feature, which is unveiled this year to replace the traditional messaging service.

The communication over 5G Messaging happens over WLAN or mobile networks by default and has more possibilities than the current/regular messaging we do. It removes the cap for text limit and has options to send multimedia easily.

Xiaomi Phones Found Using 5G Messaging

The field of cellular technology is developing rapidly to support the new 5G era. As seen from some Xiaomi phones in China, users were able to send/receive messages on the new 5G standard. Touted as 5G Messaging, it was announced to be used by all major Chinese OEMs back in April this year.

The coalition includes Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, HiSense, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, and Lenovo, who all have signed up to include the Rich Communication Saga (RCS) unveiled by Chinese Telecoms in their 5G handsets.

And the time has come, as we see Xiaomi handsets are already having this support in China. The 5G Xiaomi phones can communicate over 5G Messaging now, as they gradually replace the traditional messaging.

The new messaging system opens wider possibilities for both the users and enterprises. For users, the 5G Messaging waves off the text limit in each message and also supports sending various media content like audio, video, pictures, contacts, and emoticons.

Also, it supports online and offline messaging, and lets users manage history and provide message status reports.

For enterprises, it’s a new channel for companies to market their products, take orders, and let users track their goods. Further, it can also be embedding the payment options. Users can search, discover, interact with various services via a single messaging window.

If you’re phone supports 5G, this should be working for you too. Check in the Message Interface settings to enable 4G/5G to experience this.


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