Is Super Mario your favourite game too? So is mine, and almost everyone. You may evolute as a pro gamer playing high-end games, but most of us have played this 8-bit quick game at least once in our lifetime. Nintendo’s evergreen hit, Super Mario Bros was tuned by a developer into an FPS version and it’s purely amazing.

Sean Noonan is the man

If you’ve observed how Super Mario Bros has evolved over the years since its inception. But Nintendo ignored it making into high-powered graphics motioned game and left it to stand as an average one. Though its levels were improved, its graphics aren’t. But here’s a developer who picked this game as his project choice to show his work for a challenge.

A Man Transformed Super Mario Bros into FPS Version Game for a Challenge
Super Mario Bros FPS Version (Image by PxHere)

Sean Noonan has transformed the general Super Mario Bros game into an FPS version game as his part of Mapcore monthly challenge. The reformed game was the first-person shooter and is made using Unreal Engine 4. Noonan has considered every detail possible and adapted it perfectly. He then released a trailer of this in his YouTube and said there’s

“a couple of little quality of life features” that he needs to “finish off.”

Amazing adaption of the original gameplay

The game’s adaption of every detail was clear with the original one. You may, if playing, can kill the tiny enemies by stamping them and can collect coins from destroying things like bricks, crates, mushrooms etc. An improvisation here is of player handed with a gun to kill enemies, which is good too. Jumping into pipes to enter the underground, collecting stars and ending the flagpole at the end of the level, are all same and cool.

This game was obtained and played by GmanLive, where he posted 7-minute gameplay of this in his YouTube channel. But to our surprise, Noonan declared that he may not be going forward with developing this game further, as he did this only as a part of the challenge. Yet, we liked it anyway and wish Nintendo makes such things officially.


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