Ever since Microsoft turned its back against Windows 7, more and more users started asking for it. But as it’s now defunct, users have no other way to upgrade to Windows 10 or switch for other OS. But, a YouTuber has made the 2020 version of Windows 7, which has more designs and improvements than the actual Windows 7!

A New Windows 7 2020 Edition?

Windows 7 2020 Edition
Windows 7 2020 Edition

PC community has long been devoted to Windows 7 more than any other OS. And ever since Microsoft announced to retire the loving OS in early this year, the community is forced to upgrade to Windows 10 or other alternatives like macOS or Linux distributions. Yet, many have been using the defunct OS even today, and I’m one of them!

And for users looking for a polished version of this, a YouTuber going through channel name Hacker 34, has made his version of Windows 7. He shared a video of this revamped OS, which has a new Action Center, Start Menu, and a new design language called Fluentmorphism.

Moreover, this new Windows 7 2020 Edition gives users more flexibility in customizing looks rather than what Microsoft gave.

The design is consistent, better animations, and the interface can be changed with several accent colors. There’s even the most wanted feature – Dark Mode in it. Further, he also set Tablet Mode, able to add tabs in File Explorer too! All these features made viewers asking about a download link of this, but we see the YouTuber hasn’t shared anywhere. Yet, it’s too good to be tried.


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