After the ban imposed by Trump, Huawei is trying to get itself independent from Google’s Android. Ren Zhengei, the founder of Huawei has given an interview to the French Magazine named Le Point and he claimed that Huawei’s latest operating system HongMeng is going to be a lot faster than the OS that is available in the market. He said that it is way better than Android and iOS.

HongMeng is Not Limited To Smartphones

This latest in-house operating system from Huawei is not only confined to smartphones. It can be used in data centers, PCBs, routers, etc. Ren Zhengei also stated that HongMeng will work on automated vehicles and self-driving cars.

HongMeng is Faster Than Mac OS & Android
HongMeng is Faster Than Mac OS & Android

According to the previous reports, the HongMeng OS is 60 per cent faster than Android OS. The processing delay of this is less than 5 milliseconds which indeed is a great thing. Ren also told that he understands how fierce the competition is in the market and it is not easy to go and fight with the brands that are present since a lot of time.

He said that the company is putting in a lot of efforts in order to make their processor perfect and set up a play store with almost all the apps compatibility.

In order to attract the customers, Huawei is organizing a two-day developer summit in China. Last week Trump has announced that he relaxed the ban on American companies working with Huawei but he wasn’t clear about the plans.

There is a certain ambiguity about this ban yet. It is still unclear whether Google and Intel can work with Huawei or not. As of now, Huawei is still one of the blacklisted companies. HongMeng will launch first in China by the end of this year and then across the globe.


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